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    Hello MJEOL Family

    Just wanted to stop in today to say hello. Try as I might, this date will be etched in my memory as long as I am able to remember it. Thanks to my MJEOL Family, and especially Whisper and the Moderators for keeping this site up and running. Thanks for being there. Missing My Michael, Susie...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    I'm having a bad night. Had a bad weekend. I didn't know where else to go.
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    I don't think we will EVER get used to Michael know...I don't wanna speak it out loud.
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    Michael Jackson goes Gangnam Style! I hope this works! Susie
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    Happy Birthday to our Dearest Michael! Missing you now and forever! Susie :mjeol :runningyay :rollin :moonwalk :bdaycake :birthday6 :wkiss :disco :mjeol2 :moonwalk
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    Michael Jackson character on 'Black Dynamite!'

    A new animated show 'Black Dynamite' will premiere on Sunday, July 15 on the Cartoon Network. I believe the time is 10:30 central, but I'm not sure, Check your TV Listings! Michael's character is from the Jackson 5 era, afro perfectly round and in full effect! Looks cute! Even have someone...
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    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing!

    Wow. I really liked them as a couple. Damn...
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    I'm Billie Jean...and I'm mad as HELL!

    Check this out guys! Have searched high and low and FINALLY FOUND IT! We used to sing this alllll the time at school! OMG I was 12 when this song came out! :yaychibi "Tip your hat wit respect, cuz I AM BILLIE JEAN..." Love the rap on...
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    Conrad Murray's Lawyers Request?

    Conrad Murray's lawyers have requested probation for their client. I know the perfect 'probation' for him. Let me 'watch' him sleep as I administer propofol. I promise not to leave the room. Scout's honor. Really. Truly. I would spare his mother and children that grief. Really. Truly...
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    Hello MJEOL Family! I was gonna have to do this sooner or later. I needed some closure. This 'short film' was inspired by all the drama of the past 2 years. I have always loved this song. Its really beautiful. I had no idea there were so many other versions on YouTube! They are all beautiful...
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    Immortals (The Movie)

    Have any of you seen the preview for Mickey Rourke's new movie 'The Immortals?' Take a peek, and tell me what it reminds you of! I noticed it IMMEDIATELY! Let me know what u think! Also, I was watching HALLOWEEN today, the 1978 version. Jamie Lee Curtis' character was talking to her friend on...
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    Threatened 2011 :yaychibi :whistling
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    Just wanted to say...

    Hello MJEOL Family! : Hope you are all well, despite this past week. Just wanted to say that I know things are tough right now, but we have to just stay strong and pray. These past five years have been very difficult, even before Michael passed. That damn near killed me, almost took me over...
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    Kenny Ortega in court!

    MJ missed a week of rehearsals, lots of objections from prosecution, MJ reportedly watching the rehearsal off stage in a chair with a blanket around him, the defense just asked for a moment to look at some notes, gone to commercial... Ortega was asked if he told Karen faye not to placate MJ...
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    Happy Birthday Michael!

    Happy Birthday Michael! :yaychibi MJ now and forever! :rollin :mjeol2 :drunk :moonwalk :birthday6 :wkiss :disco :mjistheking Miss you Michael! Susie
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    Officially Pissed!

    Google this particular actor: Jeffrey Jones from Ferris Bueller's Day Off I have known this for years, but its a clear example of the media's double standard. Pissed Off Susie :boxing :pullhair :ranting :lipssealed :yeahright :censored :bs :mad: :hitting :sneaky
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    MJ Tribute on the BET Awards tonight!

    This doesn't really deserve a thread, but I wanted you guys to see this news right away. Prince will also receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. Should be interesting. Pharrel just called Prince 'The King' on the red carpet. He must be lookin' to get his teeth slapped out his mouth. I'll keep u...
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    Thanks to MJEOL

    Its been only a year, but feels like an eternity since Michael passed away. These tributes are making me nauseous, sad, angry, helpless, you name it, I'm feeling it. I'm sure you are all on a roller coaster of emotions as well. I just want to thank all the members of MJEOL, Whisper, and all of...
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    Das Control by Daddy Yankee

    Have any of you seen this video!? TOTAL rip off of SCREAM and TDCAU (This Is It Version)... I could not believe it. Keep an eye out for it and tell me what you guys think. Typical...Das Control,hmmph! Das bullshit if you ask me! :sneaky :boxing :tvhorror
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    I hear you Privacy. I usually leave my radio on when I leave for work. When I came home today, I heard the very beginning of IJCSLY. I was so stunned and sad, I couldn't even cry. What I wouldn't give to come home everday and have his voice be the first thing I hear. If...