Cheer up- My spoken word/comedy-ish poem


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Will for Self Destruction by xenedra.wmv

"A Will for Self-Destruction", based on the bestseller, 'Failure Not being a Option' by xenedra

I dedicate this poem I've just written to the Soul Sucking Task-Masters® that currently surround me at all angles of my universe...Enjoy!

my thudding chest
'neath baren breast
count down clock all I got left
I'm runnin' out of
Takin too much time

my crushing debt
of time is spent
still catching up on nothin yet
im watchin effort
pour from me like wine

the rhythms out of sync
just like the words I speak

I'm falling down
and amping up the speed...

disaster train
a fallin plane
careening toward the doom again
its the demon in me
savoring the burn

my flesh dont mean
fucking anything
no not to them...not to me
just wick for my tallow
lit to prove I can

gonna burn it up
till I'm cold enough
till i never fail at nothin much
better than the weight
of carryin the world

hour of my slavery sold
it equals me + double old
beats noticin how I'm alone
glad killin me gives
a brain somethin to do

and i aint about
the scream and shout
meek and silent as I peter out
'cuz a pain This Loud
binds and gags my fevered cry

the reckless me
bleeds love for free
tames angsty teens
or so they think
but a table turned
aint what they want for truth

call me Vertigo
yes I go go GO!
evidence of imperfection shows
no more gravity
no equibrium

Acme anvil dread
gonna hit my head
Coyote echo all thats left
Aint nothin here for you to scold!
Mob lynched me days an' days ago!

the spinnin demon
momentum feedin
grifting, stealin
balance killin -will to bleed it!
harbinger of here

watch it grind me til I disappear :whistling


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I absolutely ADORE your lyrics my dear! Sensational. You really write like a queen. *Very proud!* :biggrin I really appreciate when you posted this- it was so sweet xenedra.

You're video I watched for it was great- I could listen to you all night! lol, such a relaxing voice! :yaychibi Thank you for sharing this!