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This Story takes place in present day and Michael can be from any era you decide.
Summary: Michael lives in his Ecino home with his two children shannon and megan. Michael adopted megan when she was only 11 and is now 16. As megan began to get older Michael felt the urge to adopt again and help another child out. As he was visiting an orphanage he got tansformed by a little girl with the name of shannon. Shannon is 15 and has a rare disease called gennielay. (fictional disease:not real) Shannon was born with this disease and has had it all her life. Gennielay has caused shannons mind to be that of a 2 year olds and no more. She will never progress in learing more due to her brain definceny. But Michael senses no loss. Although he falls in love with her innocence he is determined to teach her and hopefully progress her childlike mind.
: ) I hope you like it and Enjoy. : )

"Grace"! Michael called.
As Grace came running down the staris she sweetly asked "yes Michael"?
"Can you take Shannon and watch her for me? I should probably go up and check on Megan."
"sure." said grace sweetly as she sat down next to her.
"Thank you grace." Michael said with a twinkle in his eyes as he smiled at her.
"No Problem." she replied.

Meanwhile Megan was upstairs reading a book on her bed. She often stayed upstairs in her room sense Michael adopted Shannon. She hated how Shannon would always get Michaels attention no matter what. She envied her, even if she wasnt considered "normal". As she sat reading the book thoughts started running through her head. When all of a sudden she heard a knock.

"Megan honey? Can i come in"?
Megan jumped abrumptly and then shortly replied "Yeah sure."
As Michael opened the door and walked in, Megan sat up on her bed and made room for him to sit.
"Whats up dad." she asked
"I just wanted to come up here and see how you are doing. Ive noticed you havent been coming out of your room alot latley. Is something bothering you?"
"No dad. Everythings fine." she answered snotingly.
"Well obviously everythig isnt fine. I can tell when something is up with you. And something is up."
All of sudden there conversation got interupted when they heard someone yell up the staris followed by screaming in the backround..
"Michael, we need you down here immedietly."
Oh great. megan thought. Always something.
"Alright im coming. One minute." yelled Michael. "Will continue this conversation later. In the meantime i want you to wash up and get ready for dinner. It should be ready shortly, he said while kissing her on her forehead.
"Fine." she mumbled as Michael winked at her and walked out the door.

As Michael came running down the stairs he could hear screaming and crying.
Once he turned the corner to where grace was he could see Shannon spwraled out on the floor kicking and screaming.
"Grace what happened? He asked as he qucikly went over to Shannon.
He started stroking her hair and telling her everything was okay.
"Shh..Shh..Shh" he cooed. "Everthings alright, daddys here."
"We were just sitting down playing and she went to go grab your glass vase on the desk. I just took it away from her becasue i didnt want her to break it, and then she started throwing a tantrum."
"Alright..she'll be okay." Michael reassured Grace. "Shes been crabby like this all day. She was up most of the night last night. Im just gunna try to have to put her to bed earlier tongiht." He said while stroking her hair.
"Yeah..that might be best." Grace said. "Well it looks like shes calmed down now. As soon as you walk in everythings fine." Grace axknowledged with a smile. "Shes such a daddys girl."
Michael laughed with a little chuckle. "She sure is", he said proudly as he began to stand up.

"Megan sweetie", grace yelled up the stairs. "Dinners ready."
"Okay im coming." Megan yelled back.

As megan began to walk down the stairs she could hear her dad babytalking to shannon. She hated when he did that. It just filled up this big surge of jelousy inside of her.
Megan walked over to the dinner table and sat down in a chair. As she sat down her dad started to cut up shannons food.
"Hey honey. Were having chicken and rice for dinner tonight. I got your plate all ready and grace is just bringing it out as we speak."

"Here ya go Meg", grace gladly said as she placed the plate infront of megan.
"Thank you." Megan mumbled silently.
Michael noticed there was something up with megan.
"Sweetie, whats the matter."
" fine." Megan said as she poked around with her rice.
"I know there is something going on. You know you can tell me anything right.? Im here for you. I will listen."
"Well its kind of hard for you to listen to me when all you do is give attention to Shannon." Megan spat back at him with a glare.
" this is what thats about then." He said gently.
Shannon started to feel the tension in the room and began to whine.
Michael ignored her and continued talking,
"Honey, you know im here for you and"....Michael began,
Shannon immedietly started crying.
"I know it must be hard for you sometimes but i try to do my best to give both of you guys equal attention. Now you know Shannon needs a little bit more then you only because of her condition."
Megan interupted, "Yes i understand that but"...
Suddenly Shannon began kicking the table with her feet. Michael reached under the table and tried to stop her feet from kicking.
"No shannon, thats naughty. Dont kick your feet like that."
Although Michael knew Shannon couldnt understand him he always tried to talk to her as though she could.
As soon as Michael turned his head back to megan, everyone heard a "BANG"!
Shannon had pushed her plate off of the table and food layed out everywhere on the shiny marble floor. The plate lay there broken into tiny little pieces....

"Oh my god Shannon"! Michael yelled as he quickly got up out of his seat.
"Ill go get a broom." Grace said frantically as she hurried out of her chair.
Shannon was scrreaming and kicking her feet like crazy. As she was kicking her feet her chair started to slowly back away from the table. When the chair was far enough for her to get out she stared to squirm. She wanted to get out but was buckled in.
"oh no you dont." Michael said as he pushed her chair back in. "That was naughty," he said as he knealed down to look at her. "You dont do that."
Shannon started to squirm even more. As soon as Grace came back with the broom Michael grabbed it and started to sweep everything up.
"Your being a naughty little girl today." Grace said while pointing her finger at Shannon.
Shannon continued to kick.
"Grace could you do me a favor." Michael said. "Can you just try to calm her down for me until im done cleaning this up. I would really appreciate it. But just dont take her out of her chair because i dont want her stepping on any of this and getting a cut."
"No problem." Grace replied and went over to sit next to shannon to try to calm her down.
"Not such a princess, is she dad"? Megan said with a smirk.
"That is enough young lady." Michael demanded.
Megan did a little giggle and went back to eating.
As soon as Michael was done he scooted shannon away from the table and unbuckled her form her chair. Shannon was still kicking.
"I dont know what else to do Michael." Grace exhaled nervously. "She wont stop screaming or kicking."
Then all of a sudden Michael started singing...
"You are the sun"
"You make me shine".....
And just like that shannon started to calm down.

Later on that evening Michael was sitting on the stool by the kitchen counter drinking a nice fresh cup of coffee, while Shannon was playing on the floor with some toys. Michael just sat there carefully wathcing her. How he fell in love with her innocence. Suddenly Grace pulled up a stool and sat beside him.
"Hey." She quietly said.
"Hey." He said whith a smile as he continued to watch Shannon.
"How are you doing"?
" doing alright." he exhaled with a sigh
"Whats on your mind..? I can see somethings bothering you."
"Oh..its just nothing." he replied.
"Now your starting to sound like Megan." She giggled. "I can see where she gets it from."
Michael smiled and said, "I have just been thinking alot about Shannon and Megan latley. It seems as though Megan is jelous of all the attention shannon is getting. I wish there was a way where she didnt have to be so jelous." Michael said.
"And shannon can feel that. She can feel the tension. I know she can. That was one of the reasons why Shannon pushed her plate over the table. Didnt you notice how when Megan was argueing with me Shannon immedietly started to cry and kick her feet? I know she can feel it." Michael contined
"Yeah...i actually did notice that." Grace repeated.
Then Michael stood up and put his empty coffee cup in the sick. He walked back into the living room and looked down at shannon.
Shannon stopped playing and did a huge yawn. She then started rubbing her eyes.
"Uh Oh." Michael said. "Looks like someones ready for bed."

Michael gathered up Shannons toys and handed them to grace.
"Would you be ever so kind and bring these up to Shannons room for me?" Michael asked Grace.
"Why sure." Grace answered.
"Thank You." he said. "Now come on Shannon," he said while grabbing
her hand and leading her up the stairs. "Its time for you to go to sleep."
As soon as they got up to Shannons room Michael layed her down in bed. But shannon wouldnt have of it. She got right back up and tried to get out of the bed.
"No..No" he said gently. "Its night night time."
Michael put her back in her bed. Shannon knew he wouldnt let her down so she started to cry.
"Baby...its okay. Shh. Shh. Shh."
"You are the sun"
"You make me shine".....
And as if it were magic, Shannon was out like a lightbulb, sound asleep.
"I love you sweetie." Michael whispered. He kissed Shannons cheek and silently left the room.

"Come in" megan yelled.
As Michael walked in she looked up and said, "Oh hey dad."
"Hey honey." he said.
"I just came in to sat goodnight."
"Oh..goodnight." she quickly stated.
"What? I dont get no hug"? he asked.
"Alright", she giggled and stood up to hug him.
"I was just thinking." he said right after they got done hugging.
"Why dont just you and me go out tomorrow." "have a little father daughter time."
"Really"? she asked looking into his eyes.
How could he resist thoose eyes....
"Yeah. Really." "Just you and me."
"I would love that."she said.
"Okay then its final. Think of where you might want to go tonight and let me know in the morning."
"Okay! yay!" she squealed happily.
"Alright." he sighed. "Now go to bed. Ill see you in the morning."
"Okay. Thanks dad. I love you."
"I love you more." He said with a wink. And then walked out.

Michael awoke to the sound of his alarm clock going off. He jumped abrumptly and then quickly reached his hand over to turn it off. The clock read 8:00 Am.
"Darnet he thought. I forgot to turn it off last night. Oh well..i guess im up now."

As Michael got up and out of his bed, he put on his bathrobe. "I should go and check on Shannon", he thought. He silently made his way through the door to her room.

You see, Michael had Shannons room conncected to his so that if he needed to get to her quickly all he had to do was walk a few steps.

He quietly tipptoed to where she lay all snuggled up in her blankets.
"My little Angel." he whispered to her.
He stroked her hair once and then silently made his way back out of her room.

As Michael walked down the long staircase he couldnt help but hear giggleing coming from the kitchen.
"Now who would be up in the morning at this time, so early?" he thought.
He approched the kitchen and saw megan standing there stirring something in a bowl.
"Whoa", he said. "Look whos up already."
Megan jumped, startled.
"Oh my gosh dad", she said out of breath. "You scared the crap out of me"!
Michael laughed. "Im sorry honey. I didnt mean to. I just couldnt help but hear giggleing coming from this area as i was walking down the stairs." he said as a matter of fact. "So what are you makeing there"? he asked.
"Well i was going to try to surprise you and make you breakfast, but it looks as though you already ruined the surprise." She said with a smirk.
"Aww im sorry sweetie." he whined. "Do you want me to go back upstairs and pretend this didnt happen"?
"Yeah..that would be the best thing to do." she said with a smile.
She hurridly shoed him out of the kitchen.

"Well", Michael thought. "I might as well get ready for the big day today."
As michael was walking down the hallway he silently slipped into his room. When all of a sudden he started to hear little whimpering. Michael rushed into Shannons room and saw her laying there wide awake,
"Looks like someones finally woken up."
He reached down to brush his hand up against her soft cheaks. Shannon looked back up at him and started smileing.
"Oh how i wish you could talk and understand me." He protested.
Shannon made a cooing noise and sat up.
"But Dont worry", Michael relayed. "Daddys going to teach you. No matter how long it takes."