Dancing traffic cop livens up Christmas with Michael Jackson moves


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Driving can sometimes be monotonous. But this is unlikely to be the case if Tony Lepore is directing traffic.

The retired policeman turns up at Rhode Island every year to help guide cars at the junction of Dorrance and Westminster streets.


But unlike other traffic cops, he channels the dance moves of Michael Jackson to get his message across.

This is why he’s now affectionately known as Tony the Dancing Cop.

Mr Lepore says he got bored of ‘doing it the normal way’ 30 years ago and decided to make a change.

His moves were captured on camera by passers-by and uploaded to YouTube where they could be enjoyed by all.

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2013/12/21/dancing-traffic-cop-livens-up-christmas-with-michael-jackson-moves-4239564/