Immortals (The Movie)


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Have any of you seen the preview for
Mickey Rourke's new movie 'The Immortals?'
Take a peek, and tell me what it reminds you of!
I noticed it IMMEDIATELY!
Let me know what u think!

Also, I was watching HALLOWEEN today, the 1978 version.
Jamie Lee Curtis' character was talking to her friend on the
phone before she got strangled by Michael Myers.
She kept saying the girl's name: Annie.
Then she said, 'Annie, are you alright?'
I was like, 'Where have I heard that before?'
Snap! Is this where the mysterious Annie came from for Smooth Criminal!!!???
Michael was 20 when this movie came out, and it was very popular at that time.
And we know MJ liked horror movies.
What do u guys think?
I have seen that movie a million times, and I never put that together until today! :yaychibi