Janet Jackson on Oprah (Sept 25 2006)


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Janet Jackson on Oprah 09/25/06:

Discussion: Losing the weight, SuperBowl Half-time incident, Jermaine Dupri, videoclip of young Janet growing up in the Jackson family…

Oprah — What do you think is the price you pay for being famous, pretty much your entire life really?

Janet — You miss out on a lot of your childhood.

Oprah — Really.

Janet — Hmm huh. And you have to grow up very, very quickly. You’re around adults all the time so you grow up very, very fast.

Oprah — And so you don’t…you played with dolls and all that, right?

Janet — Yeah, but I think I stopped way too soon.

Oprah — Really

Janet — Hmm huh, because we were always working. Yeah, and other family members had it much harder than I did.

Oprah — Because they were out there on stage.

Janet — Really out there.

Oprah — Janet’s new album “20 Y.O.” refers to the twenty year anniversary of “Control”…

Janet — Yes

Oprah - …her break-through album. Also, it was twenty years ago that she did that album, but also fired her father, Joe Jackson, as her manager. How did that change the father-daughter relationship?

Janet — Actually (starts laughing) our relationship has gotten better.

Oprah — It got better?

Janet — Yes. That was one of the hardest things for me to do.

Oprah — I would think it would (be).

Janet — It was and I cried profusely.

Oprah — Did you do it yourself?

Janet — Yes, I did. I can see it like it was just yesterday.

Oprah — How did you do it?

Janet — My parents were in the upstairs den. I was still living at home, and I, I told them that I needed to talk with them. And Mother was in there as well. And I, I just… let them know exactly how I felt and it was time for me to move on. And he didn’t take it very well.

Oprah - He didn’t?

Janet - No, he didn’t.

Oprah - I’m, yeah… because he’s been in control, of everybody in the family.

Janet - But, he knew. I think he felt it was inevitable.

Oprah - Okay, so you said he didn’t take it very well. Did he yell at you? Did he get angry?

Janet - He didn’t yell at me. He was angry, but he didn’t yell at me.

Oprah - Of all your brothers and sisters, who are you closest to?

Janet - It switches.

Oprah - Does it?

Janet - Yes, I have so many…

Oprah - I’ve heard that in big families it does.

Janet - It switches. It could be one person for several months and then another person for several months. I would say right now… it’s Jermaine.

Oprah — Really.

Janet - Hmm uh.

Oprah - Do you know what? When I was a kid, well not a kid, a teenager…

Janet - I know what you’re going to say…

Oprah - Yes, I wanted to be your sister-in-law because I wanted to marry Jackie Jackson!
(laughter/applause) Yes, yes I always thought… didn’t you (to the audience) have your favorite Jackson? I was going to marry Jackie Jackson, so help me, I was going to do that. Never happened. We could be sisters!

Janet - (Laughs)

Orpah - Anyway, ah, do you talk to Michael? Where is he?

Janet - Umm, he’s in the Middle East, in, ah, Bahrain, or… No, I haven’t spoken to him.

Oprah - Since he left? Really?

Janet - Yes, since the trial.

Oprah - Really?

Janet - No, I haven’t.

Oprah - Do you worry about him?

Janet - Ahh, he keeps in touch with Mother, so we know what’s going on with him.

Oprah - So you know what’s going on with him.

Janet - Yeah.

Oprah - That trial, did it take its toll on you?

Janet - It took its toll on my entire family.

Oprah - Really.

Janet - It was hard on all of us.

Oprah - I heard you were recording in the studio after the verdict came in, or before the verdict came in…

Janet - It was the night before we were to go to his house, for the verdict and we waited several days before they came to their decision.

Orpah - I heard you broke down, I don’t know, I don’t believe what I read, so I don’t know… was it a breakdown, or was it a…

Janet - It wasn’t a… it wasn’t a breakdown, I was actually, I was in the studio recording a song on the album, actually it’s called “Enjoy” and I was just doing the backgrounds on the song and, um, for some reason I just got this really weird feeling that, that came over me out of nowhere and I started to cry. There were no windows so no one could see me in the vocal booth…

Oprah - Oh really.

Janet - Yes, and I was recording the backgrounds and it was the funniest thing. Jimmy (Jermie?) would say to me ‘you sound just like your brother right now’.

Oprah - (Spots Jermaine in the audience and they show him.)

Janet - …and I said ‘I do?’ and he didn’t know that I was in there crying, but I, I was thinking about him, and I wasn’t trying to sound like him, but I didn’t feel that something was right. Something felt very wrong with me.

Orpah - So, were you, thinking the verdict was going to be something else?

Janet - No, it just so happened that night he had to be taken to the hospital, so I think that’s what it was. I didn’t feel good.

Oprah - You didn’t feel good.

Janet - Yes.

Oprah - Oh…

Janet - Yeah, I didn’t feel very well and I think that that’s what it was. I was feeling him at that moment.

Oprah - And, so were you worried about the… what did you think that was the worst that could’ve happened?

Janet - Well, he would be, ah…

Oprah - …sentenced to jail.

Janet - Basically, yes, or to prison actually.

Oprah - Hmm uh.

Janet - Yes.

Oprah - And so the family united in one place…

Janet - Yes.

Oprah - Waiting for him…

Janet - At the ranch.

Oprah - Are you close to his children?

Janet - Well, he… his children are always with him…hmm uh, so…

Oprah - That would be hard...

Janet - Yes.

Oprah - …to be close.