Jelly - Smile by MJ


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Okay, here is my attempt at singing LOL..i was very bored one night, and i said what the hey lol. besides its one of my fav songs so here ya go! lol...
Btw: I know some parts are cut off because I was using the sound recorder in windows, and stoped every 60 seconds. I have other songs I've sung, but I think I'll re do those because I didn't like the way the turned out :)


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Sorry mods, if this was the wrong place to put this! I just now looked back and read the summary says poetry haha...well if you guys move it, i appologize for the inconvenience.


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OH okay, so if u click on it, then you can't download's considered direct linking...right click and save should work then.


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Still getting this error:
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