Kenny Ortega in court!


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MJ missed a week of rehearsals, lots of objections from prosecution,
MJ reportedly watching the rehearsal off stage in a chair with a blanket around him,
the defense just asked for a moment to look at some notes, gone to commercial...
Ortega was asked if he told Karen faye not to placate MJ, Ortega stated he would have never
used that word...interesting...Murray reportedly asked if Jackson could be allowed to eat lunch with his kids, Ortega said he knew nothing about that request?


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CEO of AEG, judge says answer yes or no, prosecution questioning him now, his name is Paul Gongaware,
the crawl says something about a new death photo and Murray in tears? Gongaware worked with Mj on the Dangerous and History tours

Says MJ was totally engaged and brilliant, excited about the tour, Gonga planned the tour dates, said 31 shows were contracted, Gonga seems nervous, MJ wanted to do 10 more shows than Prince had done there previously (LOL!), said they added more shows when the 31 sold out so quickly, 250,000 still on the waiting list when the shows sold out? Judge seems very professional, commercial, damn!


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I think there will be plenty of words and actions not common to Michael and the tellers of the tale.

I thought all the rehearsal film footage with props and costumes came from the Staple Center,
but now I am confused by Kenny's testimony as to the number of days they were there.

You can watch the trial with out any interruptions other than the courts breaks. No HLN or In Session.

At the MJJC Legacy Project Site:



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Murray wanted 5mil to be MJ's doctor?!
Gongaware is the last of today's witnesses.
MJ came up with the offer of 150,000.
Gongaware called Murray, proposed the offer, Murray said I couldn't do it for that,
Gongaware said it came straight from MJ, Murray said I'll take it


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Me too DialDancer! My mom said 2 turn the tv, but I can't. I should, cuz I know I can't handle it, and hearing things will hurt me, but I just can't turn away. I love him too much. I'm a fool I guess.
:idontknow :idontknow :idontknow :idontknow :idontknow :idontknow :idontknow
I wish Murray would have just pleaded guilty and go away. Damn.


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"MJ came up with the offer of 150,000."

So they say.

Do you know the quality and magnitude of Medical care you could get for 5 mil or even 150,000 a month? Let me amend that should be able to get.


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I never thought I would be sitting here watching some thing like this EVER.
Its just so insane. Its so sad and just outrageous. I'm gonna try REALLY REALLY hard
to avoid this coverage until its time for the verdict. I will watch if Paris or Prince
take the stand. I believe them over everybody else.
This all just makes me miss Michael even more.
I feel so bad for his family, especially Katharine. Its a damn shame.
To be really honest, I don't care about a guilty verdict, cuz it won't bring Michael back.
What I do feel is that Murray should have his license taken away and serve jail time
because he broke his OATH, PERIOD. He broke the LAW, PERIOD. I don't care if he gave it to
Michael Jackson, Freddie Jackson, Jesse Jackson, me, you, Peaches, or cousin Pookie...
The moment that Propofol entered MJ's home, a crime was committed, PERIOD.
So now they claim Michael drank it...IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE FOR HIM TO DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You break the law, you go to jail, PERIOD. I just don't get it.

Ok, I'm done. I hope.
*Susie steps down from her soap box*
Wait...I forgot something!

How the f**k can taking 8 pills kill you INSTANTLY??!!! Your body has to absorb it first!
Cyanide doesn't work that damn fast! Jeeeezzz! Seriously, think of a new lie please???!!!! :pullhair


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Yeah they claim he administered Propofol himself to Michael knew how to do that? Ok. Let's say Michael did administer Propofol to WHY hire the doc in the first place? Why pay him so much if you're just gonna take control and take 7-8 pills and inject yourself with another drug behind his back? Just doesn't make sense to me.

I hate that line about how he died so quickly. Bitch how do you know?? Were you there?

And yes. It is a DAMN shame.


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If Michael injected himself and quote 'died so quickly that he didnt even have time to close his eyes' then he would have been found lying there injecting himself.


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If we know this, why don't they!!!!?????
The only other person that knows what happened besides Murray is dead,
so how does Chernoff know? Of course Murray can say anything.
The man does not want to go to jail...hellooooooooooo!!!
I personally don't believe he meant Michael harm, but
his behavior was reckless to say the least. Michael is gone.
If he TRULY thought that what he was doing was medically sound,
why didn't he tell 911 that he gave him propofol? The medics?
The hospital?
Its called Conscienceness of Guilt. If he had given Michael a Tylenol,
he would have told that, right? Am I crazy?
He KNEW. That's what is so upsetting. Maybe if the medics and
hospital knew, they would have proceeded differently? I dunno.
I'll be glad when this is over.
Once again, the MJEOL Family steps up to pull each other through!
So great to hear from Saphster and OldSchool!!!! Missed u much!