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Hey, fellow MJ fans. This is the first topic that I made on here since I registered on this great board. My sister purchased the new issue of August edition of Sister 2 Sister magazine and in the magazine, there is an interview with the singer Rihanna. This singer has this huge, big hit being played on the radio and tv called "Unfaithful". (That is the SONG!) So, the interviewer knew that Rihanna went to Japan and met MJ! She was so excited of meeting our man and she talked about her encounter with the KING! This is how it came about -

Ericka: You were in Japan for a little bit and you spent some time with Michael Jackson. What happened? What's he like?

Rihanna: Oh, he's so kind! Very shy but very kind.

Ericka: Did you have an idea of what he might be like before you met him?

Rihanna: No, I had no idea. I had no idea. I was really, really, nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

Ericka: So how did that happen? Did he just approach you or did you go and talk to him?

Rihanna: He sent me a message to the guy who was taking me around the arena. He was like, "I'd like to know her schedule 'cause I wanna meet her." And I was like, what? I started, like, freaking out and "Do I look good? Is my hair ok?" And then finally I met him and he's just so sweet.

Ericka: What did you talk about?

Rihanna: Honestly? We didn't talk about much but, honestly, Icannot even tell you what we talked about.

Ericka: (laughs)

Rihanna: I was so star-struck that... I was speechless. I didn't know what to say.

From: Sister 2 Sister Magazine, pg. 51

August 2006


Volume 18, Number 8


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How sweet! Thank you very much for posting. It's funny because I was just looking at this encounter on the behind the scenes footage from Japan and I thought " wonder what they talked about when they meet." :lol funny how things happen sometimes.B)


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Bee! Thanks for posting the interview. I would have never known about it. :D

As for Rihanna, Mike seems to have that affect on people. :)

*rumor starter* I wonder if Mike's going girlfriend-shopping...he's just requesting to meet all these women. I mean, I remember way back when Foxy Brown was gushing b/c Mike called her up and she didn't believe it was him at first. :lol Keyshia Cole...Rihanna....TLC...Destiny's Child...Ashanti (who performed at Neverland one time)...and lord knows who else. :D

I know! I know! I'll quit now! :p