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There have been some changes and updates to both the mainsite and the forum of MJEOL.

The community (forum) has also been upgraded for security purposes. All or most of the ridiculous spam posts have been deleted. Make sure you can log in!

Latest posts:
* Usher new vid throwback to "Smooth Criminal"?
* LaToya Jackson Interview (June 13 2012)
* Paris Jackson on Her Dad, Bullies, Security Detail (June 11 2012)
* Main website updated
* Plans for June 25th

The main site as well has been upgraded. DL links are being found and put in their correct place. By the way, the MJ & Kyla story links have been corrected for those who were asking about it. :p

Latest download corrections include:
* RamirezDavellinBoyfriend zip
* Ralph Chacon Full pdf
* Transcripts April-7-2005 McManusFull pdf
* AbramsReport JurorsBlasted_8-5-2005 wmv
* Blitzer VerdictReading 6-13-05 wmv
* disGrace OxmanMoretReBartucci2Jurors 8-17-05 wmv

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Got it.  Thanks.

If anyone had told me any time before Feb 2010 I would vigorously search the world for Gutterbutt MJ Trial reports and videos so I could watch what I would not before, I'd have called them a damn liar and suggested they seek help.  :disbelief

Well damn..........    :tvhorror

Let me count the things I won't do for Michael.......(1) Eat entrails......and uh.... let me get back at you.