My BF's MJ Dream


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I was visiting with my friend today, who is not an MJ fan, and we got on the topic of dreams. I will say she is skeptical of matters of spirit, but she still finds the subject interesting. We were going over some of her recent dreams and possible translations when she told me that she had a dream with Michael in it. I was surprised needless to say and asked her about it. She said that she was watching TV with him and he was getting disgusted and very upset with it because it was all negative news stories regarding him, so he turned it off. And that was the extent of her dream. She said this dream happened a few months ago. I find her having this dream interesting as she does not consider herself a fan although she doesn't hate him either. In fact she has been extremely supportive of me during these past couple of years. What do you think that this dream meant for her?


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That's so cool your friend had an MJ dream of her own Jingles! :yaychibi And that's good she's been supportive to you these last few years, as she should be. Seeing as how she doesn't hate him either (b/c there's really no reason to anyway..), it could be that her subconcious was registering the truth behind the injustice dealt to him personified inside the scenario..seeing as you're a huge fan, she would have had some tidbit of knowledge in her thoughts somewhere about what he was subjected to, so his reaction seems well-reached. It may've been that it was jostled out of her subconcious and it took form accordingly to what she knew to be probably true anyway, (ie, how he would feel about the mean, crappy news stories). I do hope that maybe, just maybe though, you're friend might look back on her dream and feel the short sympathy, or empathy for what he's always had to go through from it- b/c God knows that's the truth.. He did feel that way whenever crappy stories came up on the tele, and that's why he basically gave up on tele anyway.. *I do hope I helped some!* :blush