New Forum Area


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As you may have noticed over the past few days, I have been testing out forum software and trying to figure out which one would work better. Again, we had the same problem with the old forum turning buggy and being prone to hacks. I can't guarantee that some random asshole ( :pooh )won't try the same thing again, but I thought it was time for a change anyway. :bleh

Fanfiction Authors: You may or may not have to edit your posts to add spaces and make them more readable because of the content transfer. Check it out:

Smilies: It looks like the majority of the emoticons were transferred correctly although the preview of them is tiny. I will be working on a way to change that. :bowdown :boxing :yeahright :bleh

Topic Icons: Topic icons are those things at the top when you start a new post or reply to a topic. I added a few more of those

One login: You should now be able to login at the main website with your forum password. HOPEFULLY (*crosses fingers*) there won't be the need for double logins. Try it out:

If you have any issues over there, send a PM:

Templates: Yes, I will be looking for other templates to add to the form so you won't be stuck to with the default blue if you don't like it. :tongue