Official May 20 2005 thread



Did she ever pick apart the mother for her obvious lies? Did she's state that she was tired of all the picking on the mother?


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Why doesn't that bitch just admit that she thinks Michael is guilty? She's so fu.cking stupid & self righteous! I love how when that lawyer calls her ass out she pauses & then wants to drop the discussion about Geragos. That's a dumb heffa!


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Originally posted by NevaehDreamz
Nancy Grace, something is definatly wrong with that woman.

She got issues. I heard on the justice system she mishandled a murder case in Atlanta while she was prosecutor and her ass is some hot water with appeals courts.


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I dont like the word hate but I can easily say that I HATE Nancy Grace, I actually hate her guts. She was on the other day talking about..."So the defense is ahead this one time but c'mon this man came to court in his pj's and look at neverland,would an innocent man have paintings and sculptures of children around his house?". She talks so much shit that her gross ass better be thankful she has a job because when this is all done she will have nothing to bitch about anymore. She hangs on to the pj thing and then they brought up how he was sick and she just shook her head.