Official May 26 2005 Thread


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I've got no idea, he said that he wants to call new witnesses ...?
I dont understand... what is he on now? Nothing he has nothing, so why would he bring new witnesses in?


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Originally posted by whisper
Sneddon's desperate.

The man is just trying so hard to get Mike in jail! Ain't gon happen though! Michael and Tom M. has this case, so he might as well live with it! :sneddoncr


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Sneddon called some witness who said that he didn't know of any boys that were trying to run any vehicles out of the ranch, but that still doesn't change the fact the kids were hellions--just look at the other witnesses.

I think the judge is going to rule on wiether or not the prosecution can bring in Gavin's interview with investigators in which he made the molestation allegations.

From what I've heard, if he allows it in, then the defence get to bring in Gavin again.

I hope the judge allows it in--I think it would only help the defence if you ask me.
It should be interesting if the Judge allows this piece of evidence in because I want to know the excuse's that Sneddon come up with regarding the changes in dates and allegation's which appears on the first affadavid that the accuser gave as the charges and dates in the indictment are completely different.

If the Judge allows the prosecution to introduce this as evidence then he should allow the defense to bring Gavin Arvizo to the stand because he can't question a video tape can he!