Seoul Court: CJeS Not Liable for Damage Resulting from JYJ US Showcase


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Ok. The translation is a little unclear, but the main point is that someone filed a case trying to get money from CJeS in relation to JYJ Concerts in the US.  
The Seoul High Court found that CJeS is not responsible for paying the 3rd party company ("C" Company) who made a contract with somebody else in relation to those concerts.  
What APPEARS to be the case if I'm understanding the report correctly is that some promoter was in contact with CJes about the concerts.  Then a 3rd party company made a contract (or something) with that promoter.  Because of Visa restrictions, JYJ had to change the concerts to free of charge.   
Bottom line is that it's not CJeS who is responsible for paying this 3rd party company for any damages they suffered as a result.
Here's the full report:
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