Statement from Raymone Bain Re: Friedman \'Marion Berry\' story (Aug 15 2007)


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The following is a copy of a letter sent from Raymone Bain to Roger Friedman, and posted by EURweb

August 15, 2007


In your column dated August 14, 2007, you indicate that Michael Jackson is "homeless, carting around w/ three school-aged kids ... but, Michael Jackson has a new friend: former imprisoned crack addict and Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry." And, you state further that I introduced the two of them.

All of this, Roger, is a complete lie. I do not know who your sources are, or why you continue to believe them. I do not know why you continue to write untruths which can be verified as untruths. I do not know why you do not check to determine the accuracy of your sources. And, I do not know why you have such venom for Michael Jackson. But, let me state for the record:

1) FACT: Michael Jackson has neither met, nor does he know Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion S. Barry, Jr., neither has he been in his presence while on the East Coast, and vice-versa. PERIOD.

2) FACT: While Former Mayor Barry and I are friends, and, while we have oftentimes indicated our desire to have lunch, because of schedule conflicts, I have not seen him in at least two years.

3) FACT: "Michael Jackson is not homeless, carting around with three school-aged kids....." While where Mr. Jackson is currently residing is his own private business, Mr. Jackson will never be "homeless" as long as he owns the 3,000 acre estate called Neverland Valley Ranch, which to my knowledge, and at this date, he has not sold. Mr. Jackson has a tutor for his children who is certified and qualified. As we are in the summer months, and most children in the United States are on vacation until classes begin later in the month, the same applies to Mr. Jackson's children

I will let Mr. Jackson's attorneys deal with other issues you have raised should they see fit; and, I will let Marion Barry deal with your portrayal of him, should he see fit. But I find it unbelievable that you dedicated almost your entire column on background of Marion Barry when neither he or Michael Jackson have met.

I am respectfully requesting an immediate retraction regarding the issues I have previously outlined.

Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.

Raymone K. Bain



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I like Raymone. I like Raymone ALOT. :8-26-03respect: She don't like to play, and doesn't like to take **** from nobody.:boxing

Michael is doing a lot better than people imagine he is.

I'm glad Raymone pointed out that his kids are getting a good education just as any other American kid. And also get the opportunity to enjoy summer break. That bitch. I hope this is a wake up call for his ass.


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I just don't get Roger Friedman. He was one of the few who would bring up the inconsistencies of the Prosecution's case, its' timeline, the witnesses and evidence during the investigation and the 2005 trial.

Actually that homeless dragging the children around business sounds very much like something Randy T, said on a Dateline program in Dec 09. The Secret life of Michael Jackson. A piece of trash NBC ran twice the night before Murray was to go to court in Jan & Feb 2010. Maybe they use the same toilet.

Why is it when others take their children out of school bring a Tutor along or home school them on their Yacht or while traveling all over the world that is ok, in fact highly desirous it is fine, but Michael Jackson????