Storms Heed Destruction


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Storms Heed destruction..

Storms heed sickness through emotions sought out from victims of self destruction.
I am one, fighting through countless battles seeking shelter from this storm of destruction
You push, pull, you emancipate, you force, and pressure
You desire to break my spirits down to the last thread the last needle of sanity I withhold.
Leave me be, Storm of destruction, deliver me from the mouth of obviating darkness,
Depression, Oppression, confusion, compressed, sought, delivered,
Onto my bruised battered flesh, consideration within the mind Desolate, remote..

Storms heed me, let go...
Detach yourself from my sanctuary of solitude
Don't shackle me as a divine slave through your darkness
Force onto me actions of judgment, standing through the winds of
interrogation, I am kind, heed this expression, heed this generosity
For When time being, I shall disperse, the fire ripping my flesh shall
Be no more, entirely I shall give way to my worn state
drawing me to the last marrow of mercy, kindness I can possibly replenish
I have run out, mentally torn, I shall stumble through wakening insanity.

Don't push me storms to which heed destruction,
Leave me be.. This is a warning to You,
don't rip tear spit venom to my flesh, don't wash though the
river of deliverance when It is You who proved to be tainted..
If you desire to heed my kindness, keep my sanity intact
for your own divine wellbeing..
Then You shall not push me, leave me be,
Don't pull me through storms for they heed Destruction...