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Docs got brief heartbeat from Michael Jackson 1hr after collapse

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:15 pm
by OneMoreChance
Docs got brief heartbeat from Michael Jackson 1hr after collapse

MICHAEL JACKSON was almost brought back from the dead, the News of the World can exclusively reveal.

Battling medics managed to restart his heart a full hour after he "flat-lined" following a cardiac arrest last June.

Michael with father Joe

Hospital docs triggered a weak pulse for TEN MINUTES but it could not be sustained.

The incredible development emerged in a lawsuit filed by the pop superstar's father Joe against Conrad Murray, *****'s personal doctor.

Murray is already charged with involuntary manslaughter over *****'s death.

Joe's detailed 13-page document claims Murray caused his son's death by giving him drugs and not getting him to hospital sooner. The lawsuit also states Murray:

* FAILED to tell paramedics he had given the singer Propofol, the anaesthetic coroners ruled killed the King Of Pop.
* OBSTRUCTED justice by giving FIVE different versions of events about the star's death.
* ORDERED bodyguards to clear up and hide the Propofol bottles before paramedics were called to the scene in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills.
* LIED to Richelle Cooper, the hospital doctor who took over the stricken star's treatment, telling her ***** had not been ill when he had pneumonia, bronchitis and brain swelling.

Dr Conrad Murray

Last night angry Joe, 81, said: "This evidence is damning. They should lock him up and throw away the key. It's disgusting what happened here."

A family insider told us: "Murray's delays and lies cost Michael his life. Why has he not been charged with murder? He failed to do his job and willingly gave Michael the drugs that killed him.

"This lawsuit is not about what we think, it's filled with documentary evidence from those at the scene, who saw what Murray did."

The suit was compiled from police and coroners' documents and evidence from Dr Cooper, the respected head of the UCLA Medical Center Emergency Department.

As we revealed last week, paramedics declared 50-year- old Jackson dead at his home but he was still rushed to hospital, arriving at UCLA at 1.21pm on June 25.

Miraculously in the emergency room Dr Cooper and her team, with their superior equipment, established "cardiac rhythm." Hospital reports say the heartbeat "appeared to be wide and slow in the 40s."

The lawsuit explains: "The nurses and physicians at UCLA detected a weak femoral pulse and cardiac activity.

"At 13:22 hours he showed cardiac activity. At 13:33 he showed a weak ventricular rhythm (contracting of the lower heart chambers).

"At 13:52 he had a pulse of 53 beats per minute."

Cover up: Lawsuits claim Murray gave five versions of death. Suit also claims Murray did not mention killer Propofol

At 14:05 doctors inserted a balloon pump up through the star's leg to his heart valve entrance, hoping to kick-start normal heart activity. The report goes on: "His diastolic blood pressure (the pressure between heartbeats) went from 20 to approximately 40 at times and sometimes to 60.

"Despite these efforts, Michael Jackson did not regain a spontaneous pulse or heartbeat. Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm."

The exact time of *****'s Propofol-induced cardiac arrest is unsure, but expert medical analysis obtained for the lawsuit suggests he was actually dead at 11am.

A report by Dr Cooper, filed the day after *****'s death, is among the most damning parts of the lawsuit against Murray. It shows he did not tell her about his daily Propofol injections.

Dr Cooper wrote: "By report of Dr Murray the patient had been working long hours but had not been ill.

"The only medications reported were Valium and Flomax. There is no history of drug use by the patient as reported by Dr Murray."

Last week we revealed Murray also lied to paramedics about what drugs he had given Jackson.

The lawsuit was filed by Brian Oxman, the attorney who represented ***** at his 2005 child molestation trial.

Oxman insists Murray has told FIVE different stories about *****'s drug intake. The suit claims: "He concealed his reckless and deadly use of Propofol for the purpose of protecting himself from his improper use of medications for Michael Jackson when the life of his patient was in jeopardy.

"Three times the defendant falsely stated the nature of the drugs used by and which he administered to Michael."

The suit then claims Murray altered his story a further two times about what and when he gave his patient over a few days last June.

Bombshell finding: Dranatic part of the Jacksons' detailed 13-page lawsuit which shows brief glimmer of hope that he would survive

To make matters worse for Murray the lawsuit confirms reports that bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, who raised the alarm, was told to clean up the death scene. It states: "Alvarez told police that before he called 911 defendant instructed him to conceal bottles of Propofol and place them in a bag.

"In an outrageous departure from the standard of care, defendant stopped giving CPR and cleaned up the room so the medications would not be discovered.

"Defendant placed the previously unused wires of a pulse oximeter on Michael Jackson's fingers.

"Alberto Alvarez told police defendant asked him to call 911 only after the drugs were concealed."

The suit also says hours before *****'s death, Murray was leering at strippers.

The lawsuit continues: "Prior to treating Michael Jackson, defendant was at a strip club called Sam's Hof Brau where he had been drinking.

"It was reckless for him to drink prior to administering anaesthesia to Michael Jackson. He concealed his conduct from Michael Jackson."

Among a huge quantity of powerful medicines found at *****'s home were 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both of which are used to whiten skin.

The lawsuit also confirms the singer - once famous for his energetic dancing - was a weak, exhausted, stressed out drug addict in the days before his death.

Murray has 90 days to respond to it. ... gId=767980

I know this is News of The World, but it is backed up by Joe's lawsuit! I can't believe that they had that hope that he would pull through!:(

Docs got brief heartbeat from Michael Jackson 1hr after collapse

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:54 pm
by Teva
I don't trust news of the world. If Michael had bronchitis and Pneumonia how could he have rehearse the day before he died. Having had bronchitis myself several times, it is hard to even get out of bed.

Docs got brief heartbeat from Michael Jackson 1hr after collapse

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 10:03 am
by OneMoreChance
I just noticed the response to this! Well, Michael's autopsy report did show mild brain swelling and mild inflammation in his lungs. The inflammation of his lungs would have caused some shortness of breath. Neither of these had anything to do with cause of death.