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Feldman Represented Johnnie Cochran in Palimony Suit (Nov 24 2003)

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 6:34 pm
by whisper
Builder sues new Disney Hall over missing payments - Law - M.A. Mortenson Co - Larry Feldman leaves Fogel, Feldman, Ostrov, Ringler and Klevens
Los Angeles Business Journal, Nov 24, 2003 by Amanda Bronstad


Both Larry Feldman and Michael Jackson made moves last week, but it's unlikely their paths will be crossing as they did a decade ago.

Feldman said he would be leaving Fogel Feldman Ostrov Ringler & Klevens LC, his firm of 30 years, to join Kaye Scholer LLP's L.A. office. The move is one of the factors in Fogel Feldman' s planned year-end dissolution.

Feldman had obtained a multi-million dollar settlement in a civil suit alleging molestation against Jackson, charged last week by Santa Barbara police with child molestation.

Now, Feldman is busy representing attorney Johnnie Cochran in a palimony suit and the Oakland Raiders in its ongoing $1.2 billion suit against the National Football league over claims it forced the team to leave Los Angeles in 1995.

"Over the last 10 years I have been handling high profile, major litigation and in order to do that, you need lots of resources and lots of lawyers," Feldman said.

Fogel Feldman partner Jerome Ringler said the 12-attorney firm would dissolve, possibly re-forming under a new partnership or merging into a national law firm, one of which is in talks that are "very far along."

He said the partners agreed to dissolve the firm several months ago. "I think our interests diverged," he said. Ringler said he would take three to five associates with him, regardless of the new structure.

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Feldman Represented Johnnie Cochran in Palimony Suit (Nov 24 2003)

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 9:24 am
by dangerous

Feldman Represented Johnnie Cochran in Palimony Suit (Nov 24 2003)

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 11:09 am
by whisper
Originally posted by dangerous
Exactly. Something ain't right about that. THat is shady as hell. ANd it's all the more questionable now that we know there were prepared to fight the 93 investigation in court until Cochran can in.

Feldman Represented Johnnie Cochran in Palimony Suit (Nov 24 2003)

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 3:55 pm
by dangerous
Wasnt it his shady ass who is on Liebermans website for support or something.... That ish just does not sit right.

Feldman Represented Johnnie Cochran in Palimony Suit (Nov 24 2003)

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:21 am
by Dialdancer
7 years later and after the death of a man ultimately betrayed, there comes a possible answer for those who came here before me, delicately probing for an answer to a question they loath to ask. In Sept 2010 the Los Angeles County Bar Association held what was suppose to be one of their routine "training" seminars for students and licensed attorneys. That year it was the criminal case of the century. The advertisement for the seminar was so suggestive and sleazy it could have put together by TMZ. It was meant to be another attempt at "double jeopardy"

One of the guest speakers an attorney name Carl Douglas (never heard of him before) bragged about being part of the 93 team, how much money he made off MJ (sounded like fleeced) and stated that Cochran and Feldman ran a game on MJ. Said the two were friends and it was Cochran's turn to do for Feldman in 93. Of course Johnnie Cochran is long since dead and not there to defend himself, but Larry Feldman was and he did not dispute it.

Ever since the entire SB Superior Court database with all of the trial documents showed up I've learned something important. These people are so arrogant that it did not occur to them we'd find evidence of their duplicity and illegal behavior. I've also learned that it may take a while, but the answers to our questions will eventually surface. However, I hope it won't take as long as 7 years to find the rest.

Many have a difficult time believing in Michael's innocence because of the number of people who sacrificed his good name, career and happiness for profit of one kind or another. They believe he complained about others in order to publicly blame them for his misfortunes. That is just not true. Michael publicly outed few, it is we who are telling on them as he never would.

If you wish to read the seminar transcript with Douglas' comment it can be found on:
Vindicating Michael.
My link