Bill Dworin - American Morning Aug 18 2004

Transcripts and Articles relating to what prosecution mouthpieces have said about this case in public.

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Bill Dworin - American Morning Aug 18 2004

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Jackson Case Updates; Olympics Updates; Costco Selling Coffins; "90-Second Pop"

Aired August 18, 2004 - 09:30 ET


HEIDI COLLINS, CNN ANCHOR: It is 9:30 right here on this AMERICAN MORNING.
And the Michael Jackson case resumes tomorrow. On Monday, the man prosecuting Jackson was on the stand. The one-time "King of Pop" says Tom Sneddon has a vendetta against him, going back to another case you may remember back in '93. But in a moment, we're going to talk to a former detective who worked with Sneddon on that case and get his take on it.

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Also, you may have heard the news -- warehouse retailer Costco going to start selling discount coffins. Funeral costs certainly can get out of hand, we know that. We'll talk to an editor from "Consumer Reports" and get some tips on how you can keep those costs down.

COLLINS: We'll try to remain upbeat about that conversation, too.

HEMMER: What a wonderful topic that is? Cheery.

Let's get right now to California. A one-day break in the proceedings in Michael Jackson's child molestation case. The judge granted the break for Jackson's lawyers to compile a list of all evidence they believe should be suppressed.

The lead investigator of Michael Jackson's 1993 case is retired LAPD Detective Bill Dworin, our guest now in California. Bill, good morning to you.

BILL DWORIN, LAPD DETECTIVE (RET.): Good morning. How are you?

HEMMER: I'm doing just fine.

The Jackson family says Tom Sneddon, the D.A. in Santa Barbara County, has a vendetta. Based on your experience, can they prove that, and is that the case now?

DWORIN: No, I don't believe so. Mr. Sneddon is responsible for prosecuting an allegation of sexual abuse. And that's state law in California.

HEMMER: Has Tom Sneddon, though, been out to get Michael Jackson for some time?

DWORIN: I don't believe so. I believe he's following the law. There is an allegation made against Mr. Jackson. He's investigated that allegation. He believes a crime has been committed, and he's following up through the prosecution he needs to...

HEMMER: If you go back 11 years, the case that was halted, how strong do you believe the evidence was then?

DWORIN: At that time, we felt it was very strong. Unfortunately, the boy at that time received a civil settlement and no longer wanted to go forward.

HEMMER: If the present evidence that's now being argued this week is thrown out, and still there is this issue out there about this videotape that apparently was found at a detective's office who worked on behalf of Mark Geragos, who is Michael Jackson's attorney.

If that is not allowed into this case, how bad does it hurt the prosecution?

DWORIN: It's hard to say, because we as the public do not know what that evidence is. The bottom line is, is the boy credible? Is he going to be believable? And is there corroborating evidence -- in other words, evidence to show that the boy is telling the truth.

If there is that...

HEMMER: Sorry, can you go on? I apologize for the interruption.

DWORIN: If there is that evidence, then I believe we'll see a conviction of Mr. Jackson.

HEMMER: Yes. Are you able to gauge the evidence at this point and in this current case as to how it is going on behalf of the D.A.?

HEMMER: No. No, it's been kept quite secret. It should be kept secret. It should be presented at the time of trial, not in the public pretension through the media.

HEMMER: And Bill Dworin, thanks, in L.A. watching the case for us. Appreciate your time this morning.

DWORIN: Thank you.


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Bill Dworin - American Morning Aug 18 2004

Post by LadyJackson » Wed Aug 18, 2004 5:59 pm


The man is absolutely gorgeous!!!:mf_w00t2:

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Bill Dworin - American Morning Aug 18 2004

Post by floacist » Tue Aug 24, 2004 2:27 am

Dworin is a Dink but what pissed me off about this interview or whatever is ..
The one-time "King of Pop" says
I cant STAND when people use these dumb titles like what has the man lost his freakin' crown or something?I forgot Michael is the one-time k.o.p because we all know how the man is a one hit wonder.

What a D I O N K!

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