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Trial Period
Trial Period
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Post by asandra » Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:40 am


Until my very first poem to be delivered here, I thought to help a sweet friend of mine who's very insipired and to come with her poem on Michael's fans.
Her name is Mihaela-Maria Bratu.

Fans around the world
Regain their hope
In the milky lights
That so often line
On their warm forehead.

Holly endearment,
Sweet alleviation
Will you give them nowadays
If they gaze in twilight?
Will ever your soul
Come back here again?

Your gentle submission
Sent to us from stars
Until that holly days
When as stars we are.

Fans around the world
Have divined your mission
Trying in their rush
To follow your glory.

They keep wait in awe
Let them bring when pass
By the winks in frame
That you hold in locks.

They want life again
Lived so close to you
A life that holds all
In such gentle tune.

Fans around the world
Fedded all your flush
And implore the Earth
To keep what he promised.

And they ask the twilight
If you hear their call
Sent to milky lights
On their warm forehead.

When I said that the Earth should keep the promises, it’s about the compensation law. Michael knew to give it all in an endless way, but the world did not know how to reward him in the same manner. Now Earth owes to Michael. Now it’s our turn to give it all.


In this lifetime I wanna thank you

For showing me the man in the mirror

In this lifetime I wanna thank you

You motivated the whole world to deliver

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