His Summit, by xenedra

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His Summit, by xenedra

Post by xenedra » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:47 pm

His Summit
by xenedra

Oh my brilliant, ever Lovely One
I'm grasping onto your joy
I'll hold it tightly to me all my days
and give life to what Man destroyed

Rare hand-held butterfly taking flight
I hear the echo of your breath
a painful memory of the Melody
forever silenced by your death

Yet I feel blessed now
and I feel humbled
I'm so damned sorry
cuz’ I feel troubled

I want to know you reached your summit-
… that they didn't keep you from it!

An enigma born into a strangest fate
Your absence causes hunger and ache
In my soul; In this devastating wake...
Of the mighty fall of the Master of an age

My Lovely One, an innocent
Could they never sense your grace?

King of desire, magic charisma
forever resonating joy
is every memory I've set aside for me
Of the Man, the Music, the Boy

Aggressive juxtaposed with Gentle
Contradiction wove your path
a mighty Panther dancing dominant
aside the fragile aftermath

Treacherous and traitors all
They brainwashed and they tamed you
Schemed and took away your will
They drug-hazed and they played you

The vultures came...
Tore flesh, they ate you!
stole your crown
unjustly blamed you

And like a moth drawn toward the light...
They coveted your shine, it was too bright!

The Hollywood vampire
drained your lifeblood with a kiss
with a stoning by the guilty
A media machine that stole your bliss

And the Tabloids circled
They deftly maimed you
they crucified you
because they craved to

like a moth drawn toward the light;
they knew your shine was far too bright

Still, I feel blessed now
and I feel humbled
But I'm so sorry
…My heart is troubled

I need to know you reached your summit
….that their greed did not keep you from it!

Your external pain internalized
self inflicted, breeding endless lies
I watched you destruct before my eyes
you withered, I watched you slowly die

Yet every mar and tiny flaw revealed
your innate beauty all the more
and while my love grew; yours was consumed
by the flame of Fame, the cross you bore

But I feel blessed now
And I feel humbled
I'm so damn angry
cuz’ My heart is troubled

I need to know you reached your summit
That f’ing Haters didn't keep you from it!
(…the door is…to the LEFT!)

Invincible, yet they broke you
Fallen Idol, sad tale come true
A gift from God loved by the World
While you were tortured by the Cruel

Your fans, the faithful ever-true
sadly kept the solemn vigil, too
a bitter agony, our duty
was to bear witness as they killed you!

And we feel your absence
like the rolling thunder
a booming echo
so I can’t help but wonder-

How will we EVER know you reached your summit?
And that they didn't keep you from it?

This unconditional expression of love
It was a man, a squandered gift
Was the best from you, yet to come true?
…perhaps we only saw a glimpse.

I vow today to make the change
and give my joy inside to honor you
As I reflect your heartfelt L.O.V.E. for us
I take it with me, and I'll give it too

I know I'm blessed now
and I'm so humbled
I’ve been a witness
to your struggle

I'll always hope you reached your summit
… and that they didn't keep you from it!

Oh Lovely one, my idol
The song. The Dance, The Earthly Blessed
I pray you feel embraced now
that your soul can finally rest
\\\"If they say why, why? Tell \\\'em that its human nature

Why, why does he do me that way?

I like livin\\\' this way, I like lovin\\\' this way...\\\"


Drawn by me. Fan since my first pair of glitter socks in \\\'82. -Xenedra

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