Someday - a poem

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Someday - a poem

Post by galisteu » Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:56 am


Someday in the future,
I will see you once more,
I will hear you laugh and sing,
As you walk through the door,

I will ask you, "Where did you go?"
You will smile and laugh at me,
As if this was all one terrible dream
And now before my eyes, is reality,

You will tell me to forget the past,
To concentrate on our today,
To live my life with you as we once did,
To accept our destiny, come what may,

True love can last forever,
It can see us through the darkest night,
As we struggle in the pits of despair,
It can illuminate with the purest light,

Until that day my dear,
I will sit here and wait,
Because you were a beautiful dream,
And being with you, is my heart's true fate.

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