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One year on - a poem

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:58 am
by galisteu
One year on

That minute of stunned silence,
That fateful day in June,
Couldn't believe what I was seeing,
Every radio station suddenly playing your tunes,

An ambulance leaving you home,
Now realising your body was inside,
Paparazzi snatching photographs,
Fans and admirers realising, and starting to cry,

Gathered outside the medical center,
People from all walks of life,
Singing your songs out loud,
Calling their friends, their husbands and wives,

Your brother taking a deep breath,
As all around him cameras flashed,
Everyone holding their breath, praying it wasn't true,
Then, with his fateful words all hopes dashed,

Seeing the helicopter,
Slowly and mournfully lifting away,
Carrying inside, a legend, an icon,
In the most mundane and ordinary way,

People on TV and radio,
We never believed it was true,
They were paying their respects,
How could they be talking about you?

Two weeks later a sadder day to see,
Inside the Staples Center,
Your brothers brought the gold casket inside,
Who could believe inside was the world's greatest entertainer?

Time doesn't stand still,
Since that day, many months have passed,
The world has seen how hard you worked,
A perfectionist to the last,

A generation are discovering your genius,
They never knew your greatness when alive,
Now they have glimpsed your amazing talent,
Finally a worthwhile benchmark for which to strive,

But to those who loved you,
When you shone with brilliance,
Our hearts will always ask,
What if you had got one more chance?

Michael, you filled our hearts with songs, words and dance,
And though your time with us was so very brief,
Your very being had been a vessel of creation,
We hold onto this in our grief,

One year on,
We miss you with each passing day,
We realise the fragility of life,
When even an icon, can pass away

One year on - a poem

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:05 pm
by DirtyDiana87
I love it... :(