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Post by ForeverMJLover » Sun Sep 25, 2005 1:41 pm


Thanks to frozenrose for making this drawing that sybolizes that Micheal is innocent

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Update soon Fran! lol

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Post by frozen rose » Sun Oct 02, 2005 6:59 am

*drum rolls* ta-dah! Here's an update.


Chapter One: 'Bumpy Ride, to Friendship' (continued)

As they got to the very busy carpark, Michael reached down into the deep pockets of his jeans, and ruffled around to try and get hold of his car keys. This was extremely unusual for anyone to experience, or take in; Michael drove a car, a Smart car to be exact.

It was rather dark out that night, no moon was able to pierce any light through the midnight, storm clouds that hovered over like vultures. As their feet moved themselves forward, Michael finally got hold of his precious keys, and lifted them up slighty; as he needed to see if the keys were in the direction of the car, to unlock it.

Unlinking himself from Kimberly's hand, he clicked the unlock button, to hear the sound of his beloved Smart Convertable. But, beside from that, they were a bit disappointed that the car was all the way down to the very end of the black carpark. They both sighed in unison, as they were extremely tired.

"Come on, we better get to the car, before those bloody gangsters decide to come and rob the both of us" Michael frowned in frustration, as he wasn't expected the weather to become cold and wintery.

Taking her hand once more, they started to run a little, to try and reach the car, so no-one will see them leave...

Finally inside the car, Michael and Kimberly were on their way to a fancy restaurant to having something to eat, the restaurant that Michael knew was an all nighter, so they could be there for 3 hours and no-one would tell them to leave.

"So... When we get there, what do you want to ear?" Michael broke the silence between them, as they had been rather quite all the time they arrived in the car.

"Is a Chicken Salad available?" she asked, making direct contact with him.

"Yeah, they have everything" he smiled.

"Very well, Chicken Salad it is..."

However, during these last few minutes with Kimberly were making his stomach twirl. It was so heavenly, however, as he didn't wan't to startle the poor woman, he just agreed in his mind to stay friends...



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