My Father

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My Father

Post by mysteriousone » Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:40 am

[QUOTE=Debbyg;185243]You should had say nothing how I say her name at all that was not polite . yes I'm older then you all .and I did not ask any one to bow down to me at all .I was asking it cause I would like to chat with someone my age sometime just like you all have eathother .and I always notic that you takeing some one words and trun it arould;)[/QUOTE]
I can respond to any post, in any thread, thank you very much, lol! And I don't think it was impolite at all, to point out that when you're addressing someone, you should spell their name the way they spell it! When I entered the thread, you had responded to Sapphire Butterfly Angel aka SweetGirl, because she politely informed you, the person's name you were talking to was MaJa! You almost jumped down her throat, saying where you live you spell it this way! SweetGirl is very very young and I don't like to see young people taught ill manners, so felt it my duty to explain it is only POLITE when addressing someone to spell their name the way they spell it! Had you mentioned in your first post to SweetGirl that you were friends with MaJa and talk to her all the time, then I would not have posted, because it would have been an exception--she was your friend, afterall! :)

Debbyg, how do you know you're older than everyone else? Have you asked everyone their age? I don't even know how old everyone is, so how is it you know you're older than all of us? :idontknow Do you feel younger ones than yourself can't possibly understand your way of thinking...something like that? Is that why you're seeking others your own age? Trust me, there are members in here who are much wiser than their years...they're very very intelligent and good people, and I think, if you give them a chance, you'll find one doesn't have to be the same age to get along! We're all one big happy family :unsure: :lol here in MJEOL, regardless of age, and I would hate to think you're feeling left out! I do apologise if I've come across a little harsh in my posts, I don't mean to, I just try and put good things out there, know what I mean? And alot of times when you see members twisting and turning things around lol, it's all in fun! If it isn't, you have every right to :chairbeat them! :thumbsup (I was only joking with the bow down comment I didn't really think you expected us to bow down to you because you were older--I was just being cheeky hence the "It'll be alonggggggg time coming hunnie") I suppose, I could have added a :lol smiley in there somewhere and maybe then you would have realised it was a joke) Oh well.......

I have to apologise to MaJa for getting off topic here...everybody knows how good I am at that! :mellow: lol

Anyway, I hope we've put this issue to rest, Debbyg :) I'll be seeing you around on the forum--hopefully! :)


Thank you, Veronica! :wub:[/align]

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