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Post by MJs_Magic_Pen » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:57 am

I’m burning up
Believe me, I’m burning
I wish to scream
But my throat is too sore
I rip off my T-shirt
Hoping to get some air
I feel like going outside
To lie down in the cold snow
But then I’ll get sick
What are you talking about
I AM sick!
What am I doing up
I wonder myself
But I feel trapped
Lying in my bed
I already slept for 17 hours
And what could I do there?
Count my toes
I know I’ve got 10
If my feet didn’t hurt
I’d dance
Like the last time
When I was sick
I sang, I danced
Oh right I fainted too
I feel guilty today
The picture
Of the man I love
Seemed to be telling me
“Why aren’t you at school”
And I swallowed
Event though I’m so sick
I still feel so guilty
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