Change the main color of the default template (bloQcs)

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Change the main color of the default template (bloQcs)

Post by whisper » Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:15 pm

[catbar]Change the main color of the default template (bloQcs)[/catbar]
1. Log in
2. Click "Profile" link at the top
3. Click "Modify Profile"  > "Look and Feel"
4. Next to "Current Theme: Forum or Board Default", click "change"
5.  Underneath the "Forum or Board Default" heading, you'll see a drop down box to "Select Variant"
6.  The default color is red, but you can change it to: blue, green, orange, black or purple
7.  Then select 'Use this theme' (which is right underneath the drop down box ... me;sa=pick
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