What If: Twitter, The 03 Allegations & 05 Trial?

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What If: Twitter, The 03 Allegations & 05 Trial?

Post by Dialdancer » Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:38 am

It is reported on March 21, 2013 Twitter will turn seven-years-old.

What if?..... What if Twitter and Twit Longer had been available and as well used in 2003 as it is now? Would it have made a difference to the outcome of people's perception about the 2003 allegations, 2004 Grand Jury Indictment and 2005 Trial?

Would the Fans and Supporters back then been able to get the message out better, reach more people? Would they been able to report what wasn't being reported?  Or would they still had gotten buried under a wave of a Media which would have had their minion take to Twitter to overwhelm?

Would it have made a difference?....... What if......?

Happy Birthday Twitter.

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Re: What If: Twitter, The 03 Allegations & 05 Trial?

Post by MjLover4life » Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:14 am

yes I do think it would have made a difference twitter and facebook
we could have caught all the lying hacks in all their lies back then I know if I were around (had the net) I would have fought for his innocence.
and hopefully he would still be alive :(

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