Variety: Ernie Rizzo Never worked for Chandler (archived articles 1993)

Articles related to info from 1993. Also include follow up articles and further information from later dates.

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Variety: Ernie Rizzo Never worked for Chandler (archived articles 1993)

Post by whisper » Thu Sep 02, 2004 2:19 am

Variety Alleged hush agreement surfaces in Jackson case
Adam Sandler (2)
Sep 7, 1993

A written agreement claiming singer Michael Jackson paid $ 600,000 to have child abuse allegations lodged against him kept quiet surfaced Friday. Jackson's reps have called the agreement a phony, claiming it was used to blackmail the singer last year.

The agreement is unrelated to the current accusations aimed at Jackson by a 13-year-old boy who claims he was molested by the pop star. The Jackson camp has claimed the allegations stemmed from an extortion attempt by the boy's father.

The two-page document, titled "General Agreement" and signed on July 7, 1992, specifies terms reached between the "Michael Jackson Organization" and the mother of a teenager. Terms of the contract call for Jackson to "have no contact of any sort" with the parties and to "not extort, harass, intimidate" one another. The agreement allows for the mother to get the money as long as the allegations are kept secret.

The agreement was provided to the media by Ernie Rizzo, a Chicago-based private investigator who originally claimed he was working for the father of the 13-year-old boy. The claim was disputed by the father's attorney, Richard Hirsch , who said Rizzo "does not speak for (and is not) employed by the father."

Rizzo said he was faxed the agreement at his Brentwood hotel, and believes there is a "50-50 chance it's real."

"It's a phony," said Jackson security consultant Anthony Pellicano of the agreement. Pellicano added he was offered the agreement last year for $ 500,000. He declined to specify who contacted him, but said police were not notified of the extortion attempt.

A police source said investigators had not yet seen the alleged agreement, and questioned its relationship to the ongoing investigation. "If it's genuine, it would be a separate, possibly parallel investigation. It could also indicate a pattern (of behavior)."

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Variety: Ernie Rizzo Never worked for Chandler (archived articles 1993)

Post by whisper » Thu Sep 02, 2004 2:35 pm


Jackson gets clean bill of health

Adam Sandler (2)
Sep 1, 1993

Singer Michael Jackson received a clean bill of health by doctors Tuesday, following the singer's cancellation of the second night of his Singapore stop due to nausea and dizziness. Jackson will return to the stage tonight.

The singer issued a tape-recorded apology late Tuesday, saying he was "taken ill" and vowed to return to the stage tonight. Jackson's doctor says the singer suffers from severe migraine headaches which will be controlled by medication for the duration of the tour. The mammoth tour begins a two-night run in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday.

The continuing saga of Jackson's outside troubles added several new players late Tuesday, with noted civil rights attorney Gloria Allred announcing she has been retained to protect the interests of the 13-year-old boy who has accused Jackson of child molestation.

Reports that the boy's father hired Ernie Rizzo, a Chicago private investigator, are being denied by Richard S. Hirsch, the father's new attorney.

"Mr. Rizzo is not working for or authorized to speak for the family," Hirsch, a criminal law specialist, said late Tuesday.

Sources said Rizzo contacted the family concerning information he has about Jackson security consultant Anthony Pellicano, at first representing himself as an investigator for the TV tabloid "Hard Copy." Rizzo also has contacted the boy's mother, sources said.

Rizzo told the Associated Press he was hired by the boy's father and denied Tuesday that the father tried to extort money from Jackson. He further charged that Pellicano fabricated the extortion plot to discredit the father.

In a telephone interview with the AP, Pellicano disputed the statements and insisted the father did attempt to extort $ 20 million from Jackson.

The release of tape recorded conversations allegedly between the boy's father and stepfather added a new twist to the investigation. The tapes allegedly contain the father discussing in detail how he will confront Jackson and his representatives with the allegations.

In the taped telephone calls provided to the media by Pellicano, the boy's father says he will ruin Jackson by going public with the allegations the singer sexually molested his son.

"This man is going to be humiliated beyond belief," the father allegedly says on the tape about Jackson. "He will not sell one more record."

The tapes do not contain conversations about money, nor do they mention any extortion demands. Pellicano has stated the child abuse allegation arose from a failed extortion attempt.

Sources close to the father say he only intended to confront Jackson about the son's allegations and never asked for money. He is also said to be "enraged" the tapes were made public and that the conversations were edited and taken out of context. Pellicano obtained the tapes from the boy's stepfather.

Early Tuesday, Jackson brothers Jermaine and Tito walked away from a scheduled interview on NBC's "Today" moments before it was to begin, leaving host Bryant Gumbel to explain that the brothers "wanted assurances we would not talk about (the allegations involving) Michael. We could not do that," Gumbel said. The brothers were scheduled to talk about their reunion concert (Daily Variety, Aug 31) set for Dec. 11 in Atlantic City, N.J.

The brothers objected to the presence of a KNBC news crew on the set, leaving the Burbank studios when the crew would not. The pair kept their appointment with "Good Morning America," where they expressed support for their brother.

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Variety: Ernie Rizzo Never worked for Chandler (archived articles 1993)

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Complexity Posted: Sep 6 2004, 09:42 AM

Regarding Rizzo... I think this article is of interest. It is an archived article, originally published by the Chicago Tribune on September 13, 1993. You can only obtain it now by paying for the archive which I have done. In this article, it is very clear that Rizzo was NOT part of the 1993 case.

Okay, this is the full article. And it also really raises an important question. If Rizzo isn't working for the Chandlers, then he's lying. If he IS working for them, then he has broken the Confidential Settlement!


Cheryl Lavin, Tribune Staff Writer.. Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext). Chicago, Ill.: Sep 13, 1993. pg. 1
Full Text (1040 words)
Copyright Chicago Tribune Co. Sep 13, 1993

The did so . . . did not battle between Michael Jackson and a certain Beverly Hills dentist/screenwriter involving charges of child abuse and extortion is being played out against another battle. This one's nasty, too, but this one is also silly. In the right corner, wearing a $1,500 suit is Los Angeles private eye Tony Pellicano. In the left corner, wearing a rug from Carpetland U.S.A. is Addison private eye Ernie Rizzo.

Call it The Case of the Dueling Dicks.

Pellicano is working for Jackson. Rizzo says he's working for the dentist/screenwriter. But the two have been saving their body punches for each other.

Pellicano calls Rizzo "an insignificant fruit fly."

Rizzo calls Pellicano "a part-time security guard."

Pellicano calls Rizzo "a chump."

Rizzo calls Pellicano "a fraud."

Pellicano says Rizzo has nothing to do with the case.

Au contraire, says Rizzo. "I'm in this case from beginning to end. I'm in it forever. I've got the father so locked up he can't ever get away." WTF?! Does Rizzo have some kind of dirt on Evan Chandler? Is Rizzo blackmailing Even Chandler? How could Rizzo have the father "so locked up he can't ever get away?"

There seems to be some question as to what exactly Rizzo, a former Franklin Park policeman who served time for illegal wiretapping and lost his detective's license, was doing in L.A. recently, other than holding press conferences and appearing on "Hard Copy" as a "spokesperson." For whom?

The father's attorney, Richard G. Hirsch, told the L.A. Times that Rizzo has no connection with the Jackson case. He said Rizzo was in California as a "tourist."

This, says Rizzo, is evidence that the master plan worked out between himself, the boy's family and their attorneys is working perfectly. "You'll be told by everyone you talk to that Rizzo does not represent us," says Rizzo. "It's like `Mission Impossible.' `Should you choose to take this assignment we will disavow any knowledge of you.' I meet with everyone after office hours are over."

Why is this?

"That's the position they want," says Rizzo. "If you've got any questions, ask the L.A.P.D."

The L.A.P.D. will confirm that you're working for the family?

"Nah, they won't confirm it. But I've got a contract with the father that proves it."

Can I see it?

"I'll fax it to you. But you can't print it."

He did. We won't.

As part of the master plan, the family is obviously not paying Rizzo's expenses. He returns a reporter's call in Chicago and asks her to call him right back. His long-distance phone bill is getting out of control.

"$1,000 in six days," he tells her.

Ernie Rizzo and Tony Pellicano go back a long way-20 years, to the Walgreen divorce. Rizzo worked for the husband Charles; Pellicano, who was based in Chicago then, for the wife.

Donna Walgreen complained that Rizzo was in her Lake Shore Drive apartment more than she was. The two high-flying P.I's have been battling ever since.

Kicked out of Chicago

"He says he kicked me out of Chicago 20 years ago," says Pellicano. "Everyone knows I left in 1983 to work on the (John) DeLorean case and stayed out here. I only physically met this man one time in my life. I think I met him. Maybe I didn't. Maybe I've just talked to him on the telephone.

"He calls me up and says things like, `I can get us on "Good Morning America," but they won't do it without you.' I say, `Why would I want to be on "Good Morning America" with you?'

"The guy is obsessed with me. Any time I get any kind of publicity, he tries to horn in on it. He wants to be me. He says he worked for Yoko Ono. He did? I know I did. When people say to him, `Are you the guy that did so and so? The one with the Italian name?' he says yes. But they're talking about me, not him."

Big-name clients

Pellicano has a long list of celebrity clients: Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Seagal, Roseanne Barr, Nick Nolte, Hugh Hefner. He helps them with everything from obsessive fans to bad investments.

He's been working with Columbia Studios on the Heidi Fleiss case. And he's worked for Michael Jackson for years, handling security, threats, extortion attempts, dealing with LaToya. General mopping up.

Shortly after the Michael Jackson case made international headlines, Pellicano says he received a phone call from Rizzo.

"He said, `There are people all over Chicago digging up dirt on you.' I said, `Let 'em.' He said, `Yeah, but they're asking me for information.' I said, `Ernie, do what you've got to do.' He said, `I want to help in this thing. Keep me advised of what's happening.' I said, `Ernie, I don't have time to talk to my own family.' "

"That is absolutely not true," Rizzo says.

But that didn't stop Ernie. He left a message on his answering machine saying if the call was about the Jackson case, he could be reached in L.A. on his cellular phone, flew west, and told "Hard Copy" he was working with Pellicano.

"That's how he identified himself," says a spokesperson for the tabloid show, which has had Rizzo on "two or three times."

`Kind of confusing'

"I never told them that," says Rizzo. "I said we've known each other for 25 years. But I've never worked with him. I wouldn't. He's a fraud."

"Beyond that it's kind of confusing," says the spokesperson. "It seems he was hired by the family. But then the family's lawyer said Rizzo wasn't working for them and we reported that.

Then it went around that he was working for us, but he's never worked for us. I don't know how that got started."

Pellicano does.

"Ernie called the lawyer for the family ("The family called me," says Rizzo) and told them he's an investigator for `Hard Copy' and he's got dirt on Pellicano.

Now he's out in L.A. and he's all over the news and he can't even afford a good hair piece. He looks like he went to Carpeteria and took a sample. What a chump. I'm sorry I'm laughing, but it's really funny."


PHOTOS 3; Caption: PHOTOS: Ernie Rizzo (from left), Michael Jackson and Tony Pellicano: In their war of words, Pellicano calls Rizzo ``an insignificant fruit fly.'' Rizzo calls Pellicano ``a part-time security guard.''

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ISSN/ISBN: 10856706
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