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Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:54 pm
by Romimj
OMG!!! I REMEMBER THIS DAY!!! JUNE OF 2005!!! My family and I were watching…*Oprah* I know :rolleyes: Then they said BREAKING NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA!!!! And I practically was shaking… Then when they said NOT GUILTY!!!! I slid down 2 the floor, dont know how but I did… Started bawling and cried all over… I was just sitting there numb but felt as if something heavy lifted off my soulders… The next day, I went to school(I was in 10th grade), and saw ppl. that said hurtful stuff to me during the whole trial!!! THey didnt even look @ Me in the eye… :yeahright I was like Yesss BICHIIIIZZZZ MY Man won… what now??? :whistling

But then IN JUNE OF 2009… WHAT A SADDD SADDD DAYYY!!!! :crying