Have any girls here had this problem?

How do you feel about Michael Jackson? Got any info you want to share?

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Have any girls here had this problem?

Post by privacy » Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:26 pm

haha If any partner of mine had said that or asked that question, they always got the response, "of course Michael wins!" And that's the end of that conversation! Luckily my current partner, although not really a fan, is considerate of my feelings and understands that yes, I love Michael. :)

I knew I'd love you like I do[/align]

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Have any girls here had this problem?

Post by CJluvsMJ » Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:30 pm

I had the same problem when I was in high school.
There was this guy that I was really close to during my high school career for 4 years, and we both were fans of MJ. He was really cute, and honestly looks exactly like MJ. We were both musicians, and he would play MJ's music for me on the piano and the guitar, and he stood up for MJ constantly. I would give him things, like sunglasses and hats, just to act as if he were MJ, and sometimes called him Michael, which pissed him off. :lol He knew tht I LOVED MJ, and kinda respected it, but seemed a bit jealous coz my admiration was more for MJ than for him! :icrackingup
I have a pic here of us at our prom:
Cute, isn't he? :lol
It's eerie coz he has his smile...:wub::cryptic
We broke up on graduation, but was concerned for me the next day, since MJ died, and called constantly since then, but I wont answer, and I fear seeing him coz I don't want to cry in front of him and do something I would later regret. :lol
I just feel that MJ and I could have been great friends, both personally and professionally, coz he's a pop artist (I use "pop" vaguely) who loves classical music, and I'm a classical artist who loves pop (also vague) music.
And it also seems that we think alike musically. Based on what I heard on MJ Our Icon, MJ would hear who messed up without even seeing them, and pointing out who did it. I do it myself in orchestra practice! I always know who did the mistake when we'd practice, and my teacher was amazed by it.
I also think we could have had some of the funniest arguments ever, like who's better, Sonic or Mario (Mario forever!), some funny supersoaker fights, coz I have one that is about as tall as a 2 yr old, and can spray as far as 5-10 ft (I know I can catch him with that!), serious conversations about friendships and childhood, and have Star Wars lighsaber fights, and I'd probably end up giving him mine, just to see him smile, since I know how much he and his kids love Star Wars.
I feel like I lost my best friend...:1crying


~*Daddy, Grandma, Princess, & Michael are my true guardian angels.*~

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Have any girls here had this problem?

Post by Cristine87 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:06 pm

[QUOTE=LittleSusie50;217861]Oh no, don't misunderstand.
I know better than to compare any man to Michael.
What I'm saying is that they will try to make me feel
stupid for being a fan because they are not.
I don't try to make them a fan, I just ask them to
respect the fact that I am and not make insulting comments
in my presence. One of them scoffed at my life size MJ cut out,
and asked me to take it down. Its too damn big to take down!
So, I simply told him to look some place else if he didn't like it.
I don't like when people try to change me once we are in a relationship.
I was taping GHOSTS on VH1, I felt so lucky that it was on TV, and he said
he didn't wanna see it. Too damn bad. I told him to close his eyes and cover
his ears. There was NO way I was missing that!
He would watch sports often, and I never said a word or bothered him.
I just wanted the same respect, and if they can't hang,
then kick rocks...:cool:[/QUOTE]

:lol Your post was cracking me up! Especially the life-size mj cut-out:lol

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