Joe Jackson's Interview on CNN tonight 06/25/11

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Joe Jackson's Interview on CNN tonight 06/25/11

Post by MJfan01' » Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:08 am


Many of you remember where you were on this day exactly two years ago, the day the world lost the king of pop. I'm talking about Michael Jackson. Now on the second anniversary of his death, I'll speak with his father, Joe Jackson.


LEMON: Hard to believe it's been two years ago today the world lost that man, Michael Jackson. Those two years have been -- have done little to ease the pain for fans or quiet the persistent questions about how he died. But this is certain -- Jackson was a singular talent, a man who lived big and left behind a legacy of musical excellence.

Today, we're joined by Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson.

Thank you for joining us, sir. How are you doing today? Still grieving two years later, I'm sure? JOE JACKSON, FATHER OF MICHAEL JACKSON: I'm fine, thank you. Glad you asked that question, you know. I'm still grieving over Michael because -- I don't know. It's going to take me a long time to get over what happened to him.

LEMON: Why is that? Is it part of the mystery surrounding his death? Because I know you said you believe that, I guess, that was some people conspired to kill him, is that correct?

JACKSON: Michael told his mother and he told his manager, Dieter Wiesner, who is writing a book now, the truth about Michael Jackson. He them they were going to kill him for his publishings. He told his mother that Dieter Wiesner that, but he never did tell me. I didn't know that until after he was dead.

LEMON: Do you know who those people are, who wanted to kill him for his publishings?

JACKSON: We got a great idea who they are, and a lot of other people know who they are as well.

LEMON: You won't say, though?

JACKSON: Don, I didn't say that. I'm not saying -- calling names right now, but you'll know in the book that's coming out.

LEMON: OK. Are you writing a book?

JACKSON: No. Dieter Wiesner wrote the book, who was Michael's manager. He's the one that fired John Ricker (ph).

LEMON: I thought you were talking about a book that has already been out. You're talking about a book to come.

JACKSON: No, no. The one that the whole world should know about, that book.


JACKSON: The truth. The truth.

LEMON: There's been a legal battle between your family and the executors of his estate. Has that been resolved?

JACKSON: No way. Not yet. Not yet. That's why we are striving for justice, because there's more to it than what they're claiming out there. There's somebody else involved. Remember, the doctor was getting paid by somebody else and not by Michael.

LEMON: Yes. So are you anywhere close to agreement with the executors, legal agreement?

JACKSON: That's a hard question you threw at me there, Don, because we're looking for justice. You know, it's very important, and justice has to be served because of the very important -- Michael was known all over the world, behind all borders, and that's why he was trying to build amusement parks all around the world. That's what I'm trying to do, carry out his legacy.


JACKSON: And one thing that --

LEMON: Let's talk quickly about this. Michael's doctor, Conrad Murray, goes on trial in September, manslaughter charges. What do you think deserves to happen to him?

JACKSON: What I hope happens is that justice is done, you know, the right way, the truth, the true justice. That's what I hope, yes.

LEMON: OK. Well listen, I have to ask you this real quickly, and I want to ask you about a venture that you're in. Two years ago, you and I spoke just a couple days, BET Awards after Michael died and you viewed the interview as contentious on my part, and I thought it was contentious on your part, because I asked you a very simple question. I said it's been a tough time for you and your family. We don't have to play it, because we don't have time. You said yes, and? And you just sort of gave me a flippant response, but you thought I was being contentious to you. Why is that?

JACKSON: I don't know why, because I probably was still upset over what happened to Michael, because Michael was a wrongful death to Michael's situation, in his situation.

LEMON: OK. I'll take that as an answer. Thank you for talking about that.

Now, tell us what you're doing. You have a new venture in Vietnam. What's going on? It has something to do with Michael Jackson?

JACKSON: This venture is with Madame Kow (ph) in here and she's the one that did everything possible to make things happen, make things come true for Michael's legacy. His legacy to make theme parks all around the world, but she's the only one to come forward to make it happen. Now what she's doing, she's building five five-star hotels and one seven-star hotel and a theme park. She is doing this on 2,000 acres.

LEMON: And I want to say this, this is going to be reminiscent of Neverland.

And I have to tell you, Mr. Jackson, stand by. I'll tape a little more and we'll air it later. We have to get off the air now.

I'll see you back here at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. We'll keep talking to Joe Jackson and I'll see you then.

Part 2

LEMON: So Mr. Jackson, I want you to take a look at you and I on the red carpet two years ago and then we'll talk about it.

The last couple days, I know it's been really tough for you guys.

JOE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON'S FATHER: Yes, it has. It has been really tough. Remember, we just lost the biggest star in the world. But I want to make this statement. This is a real good statement here. Marshall and I (INAUDIBLE) we owned a record company called...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ranch Records, OK? (INAUDIBLE) Blu-Ray technology. And that's its next step.

LEMON: What do you think when you see that, Mr. Jackson?

JACKSON: I don't think nothing about it because Blu-Ray -- I mean, that company don't exist now. It went out -- as soon as it happened, it went out of business. So it's no big deal to me.

LEMON: But this was only three days after Michael's death. That's what I'm asking. What do you think of...

JACKSON: I don't care if it's a minute after Michael's death! And listen, I am -- the Blu-Ray (INAUDIBLE) existing as a record company with the same guy that I was talking with, you know? That don't even happen. What I'm here now is promoting Happy Land (ph) and promoting the things that I'm doing now.

LEMON: And what about the children? How are they?

JACKSON: The childrens are fine. They are fine. They're going to acting school. And Prince is taking up -- I think he's taking up martial arts and all that stuff. And Blanket, he's just happy. He's a happy little kid. He's sturdy. He wants to be a producer or something. But you know, they're fine.

LEMON: People have talked about the -- your alleged treatment of Michael Jackson. Some of the family members, even him, said that you were abusive, in a sense, that you pushed them too far.

JACKSON: Don, Don, Don, Don, Don! I know what you're trying to, do! I ain't going there. But everybody back in those days abused -- they didn't abuse the kids, they whipped the kid when they did wrong. And now you can't do that these days because if you whip a kid now, they call 911 on you. But if you don't train them to be right towards people and how to conduct themselves when they get (ph) young, if you don't do that, you can have some kids in prison.
(END VIDEOTAPE) LEMON: All right, tonight on CNN, I speak exclusively with friends and family about Michael's last days. Watch "Michael Jackson: The Final Day" That's coming up next at 8:00 PM Eastern, in just 5 seconds. And then make sure you tune into Piers Morgan's entire interview with LaToya Jackson just ahead right here on CNN.

I'm Don Lemon. We'll see you back here at 10:00 PM Eastern. Thanks for watching.

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Joe Jackson's Interview on CNN tonight 06/25/11

Post by armcjackson » Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:12 am

*raises eyebrow*

Joe, in my opinion, has always been such an iffy character. :/

like sweet morning dew, i took one look at you, and it was plain to see you were my destiny. <3

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Joe Jackson's Interview on CNN tonight 06/25/11

Post by MJ'sTink » Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:43 pm

It really bothers me how Joe Jackson is always like, "everyone back then whipped their kids." Well first off while many people spanked their children they didn't beat them, and there is a big differnce between giving your kids a few swats, versus beating them to the point of leaving marks and scaring them away from you.

Anyway I do think he is shady, and unfortunately still trying to use Michael to his own gain. He knows he treated his kids like crap and he needs to own up to it.

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