June 25th Uncle Michael Tribute Poem

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June 25th Uncle Michael Tribute Poem

Post by Dialdancer » Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:26 am

Genius Is Love – June 25th Uncle Michael Tribute Poem


"Excerpt from her book of poetry “Black Daisy in a White Limousine : 77 poems”

"Some things are right in front of us

But we laugh

Snicker, mock

Joke and argue

Making fun

Finding humor and hilarity

Wanting an imposter in purity

Finding intrigue in the glossy metal of a barrel

Pow pow!! Pop! Pop!

Human beings just don’t know where to stop stop

Too jaded to believe in anything

Casting our gory realities

On innocence

Yes if anything you were molested by society

Many claim a dark mystery

But you weren’t

With you it was always in your music

With you it was always in your words

Just listen

Sometimes I cry at its simplicity

It was in your melody

Your perfect pitch

It was in your tone

It was your love of expression

It was your home

The only thing as a young boy

That you had ever known

You knew you were chosen and wanted to share

Maybe touch somebody’s life because you knew

How song, how much emotion really cares

You were truth

You were real

You didn’t care to mar

Yes, once upon a time you lashed out with your art

Feeling targeted

You were so wounded by humanity

You felt mislead, lead on, rejected

Something so hard to conceive

You just wanted to feel connected

Have a real friend who wasn’t intimidated

By your abilities, that would simply let you be

Treat you like someone you find good company

Too fragile to hurt

A true artist can’t hide from us

Has everyone gone mad?

You were right in plain sight

If you did we wouldn’t care to know more

About the possible immortality of man

You didn’t want the world to see you as limited

For they would see themselves the same

You wanted to reflect the atmosphere

The stratosphere and freedom

Where our minds could go if we could just let it

Galaxies creating more galaxies

You always knew this

Before scientists stamped their approval

If we could just fathom and ponder

If we could just let our inner child wander

You stayed here because you knew

It was the one place full of honor

Full of endless inspire

You wanted honest truth

And as a kid I remember your wild rides

You behind the wheel was exquisite adventure

With me and my cousins cruising Ventura

Acting silly

Rolling windows down

Calling out to the sidewalk passersby

You wished to snap them out of it

Jolt them alive

With our silly antics that made them smile

After they realized

Some stranger tried to end their vicious cycle

If only for a little while as we drove mile after mile

We’d go back to the compound to play imagine and focus

On our dreams – you showed us the way to let them open

Yes you out chased victories after your victories

Only to give more selflessly

And yes there would be some selfish

Only to feed your endless thirsty

It’s okay because some are inclined to indefinite

It’s our god given essence

It’s our god given message

So you just shrug and accept it

Why suppress it?

You surely can’t help it

I love you because as a child you left the biggest impression

Your most important message

Believe in your path

Your god given genius

It’s in EVERY one of us

Follow this

It is a sin to watch it mire, grow mold with fungus


Soon it will cover you

Instead of the reason you are you

Heavenly sent

We’re all messengers. . .

Just imagine

One day

When we all tap it

When we all rap

When we all trap it

Look at the stars


They’re not very far


Imagine every day

Every minute a little pray

You’ll orbit close


Peel off that negative parasite

Throw him to the wind

Let her carry him to the ocean he wants to be in

Indulge positivity

Sound speed

Surround yourself with matter that echoes your imagery

Your philosophy

Trust and watch the impossible

Taking shape

Taking wake

The only secret

As already shared

Is right in front of us

Still a secret we keep passing it up

It’s a playground

Not a jump rope of despair

Don’t swing from disappointment, to anger

To jaded to fear

Genius – the elusive power

The most coveted spot

From all around, above and below

Is powered only by love

All force takes part

Love doesn’t discriminate but a Divine cycle

These truths as a child were powered by you

Uncle Michael"

Written by Yashi Brown, Copyright 2011

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Re: June 25th Uncle Michael Tribute Poem

Post by Jingles » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:50 pm

Wonderful! I'll have to look this book up.
"And it seems I can live my life with you as my rhythm"

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