Official March 25th Hearing Thread

How do you feel about Michael Jackson? Got any info you want to share?

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Official March 25th Hearing Thread

Post by EuphoricNostalgia » Fri Mar 25, 2005 11:30 pm

god, he looks soo gorgeous I almost died! Uh! I hope he's feelin' much better and glad to see that Mr. Oxman is ok now.


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Official March 25th Hearing Thread

Post by megan23 » Fri Mar 25, 2005 11:49 pm

you know the whole fingerprint issue supports the defense theory I say....Mike's and that grifter's wasn't even found on the same page. The accusers brother prints being found on some just farthers the point that these brats were going through his things. But I disgress the big issue is definetly gonna be Monday, ya hope and pray 93 isn't let in, I believe in Mike's total innocense but I am afraid IF it is let in the jurors may think where there is smoke there is fire, jurors are very unpredictable :extremely

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Official March 25th Hearing Thread

Post by privacy » Sat Mar 26, 2005 5:14 am

Savannah Guthrie talks about what happened at the end of court
-when the defense got ready to start cross-examination, the judge stopped and said he couldn't take anymore. After which, the entire courtroom broke out into laughter
-reported that one prosecutor kinda tripped over some exhibits
-some of the jury members broke into laughter and couldn't stop laughing. I think she called it a "giggling fit".
LMFAO Love it..

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Official March 25th Hearing Thread

Post by hot4uMichael » Sat Mar 26, 2005 8:39 am

Originally posted by whisper
Yeah, Guthrie (Court TV) just confirmed again that NO fingerprints of Mike's and the accuser was found on the same page.

REmember all those bull$hit reports we had to sit through talking about the fingerprints being on the same page? Remember all those ranting, hysterial prosecutors talking about how "damning" that was? Crier, Pirro, Murphy, Gloho? Well looks like that wasn't true at all.

I didn't hear her say that there were fingerprints of the accuser and brother found all over a number of different magazines. Remember, the brother testified that they all sat around and passed these magazines around looking at them. Wouldn't their prints be on more than one or two magazines?

Now, if Gavin's fingerprint is on 1 mag, and Star's fingerprint is on another, that would be consistent with their little asses breaking into Mike's stash, each grabbing one to look at, then getting caught doing it.
That's true biased from them then, how can they confirm something that doesn't even exsists, that doesn't make ny bloody sense at all.

Even if Gavin still proclaims that he and Star shared porn magazine with Jackson, then they should have known what magazine it were and when it was printed and why Michael shared the magazine with them.

If Gavin are this decent guy that does not lie and knows how to keep on with the truth then why the hell does he keep changing the story?

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