Breaking news: Janet Arvizo charged with Welfare Fraud

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Breaking news: Janet Arvizo charged with Welfare Fraud

Post by HotMJ! » Thu Aug 25, 2005 4:44 am

Originally posted by alfredo

I have a strange and gleeful feeling about these turns of events. I don't want to get to far ahead of the story or go into wishful thinking (or provide the enemy with a road map), but...

What happens when Momma Nutso gets questioned/threatened about not only this fraud but the JCPenney's case? If she doesn't enter a guilty plea immediately, the prosecutor will go on the hunt for more info against her. The statute of criminal limitations on the theft by deception (JCPenney) is not over. If prosecutors were to give her ex a pass, he might spill the beans big time which would add perjury to the Jackson case for her and the little munskins from hell. It would get her close to 180K in theft. The lawyer for JCPenneys would be gald to help. He call this a long time ago. His client could get a little sweet revenge. They all testified to the brutality to which they suffered at the hands of JCPenney guards. Of course, Santa Babara won't prosecute but L.A. has control over the JC Penneys incident. And of course, the bad ass kids are not in danger (maybe the sister. She was of legal age when she lied on the stand)

Like I said, this is only possible if moma plays hardball. The prosecutor is holding all the cards. If they let her off with some slap of the risk, they'll be accused of bias prosecution. Moma Nutjob probably thought Tommy Sneddumb was going to magically protect her. She turned on the father of her kids, I hope she rats Sneddon out.

We all know that she was coached, cajoled, and hyped into making this case. Sneddon met her and soiled himself. This didn't just come together. Sneddon was an active participant. Remember, everyone who looked at this case wanted to drop it, even members of his own police dept. It's going to come out. Rats always rat-out one another.

At any rate, this helps on so many levels. Dirty Diane Diamond's book will be hurt by this. The idiot jury members book/movie deal will suffer. And any pending litigation by this wacko family is in the toilet. And as an added bonus, all of those "pundits" that tried their best to revive this woman's credibility are wiping more egg off their face.

This is getting interesting.

No, not "interesting"...this is getting GOOD!

Can you say the word KARMA?

:sneddoncr Ssssneddon S.O.B.BING (...because THIS is just the beginning!)


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Breaking news: Janet Arvizo charged with Welfare Fraud

Post by privacy » Thu Aug 25, 2005 4:46 am

lmfao.. i love it.

Can anyone clarify what Carla said about the possibility of losing her children if found guilty?

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Breaking news: Janet Arvizo charged with Welfare Fraud

Post by MJJ Productions.Inc » Thu Aug 25, 2005 4:51 am

Great News !

Janet Arvizio should have known not to mess with Michael. Karma has comeback and hit her hard and right in her ugly face.

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Breaking news: Janet Arvizo charged with Welfare Fraud

Post by senecajackson » Thu Aug 25, 2005 1:24 pm

I hope that heffa is found guilty and I hope she rats on Sneddum too!
I have a feeling a lot is going to come out from this!

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