Okay so, who\'s going?!!!!!?

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Okay so, who\'s going?!!!!!?

Post by sunshine.larrazabal » Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:48 am

:1crying Hard to imagine this wasn't happening anymore! My english here's pretty bad! And I still can't believe the excitement and mixed emotions I was feeling when I finally got the ticket and then a few days after, I have to purchase 2 more tickets for my cousin and her ex-beau and see my siggy down here? That's what happened after that 5 hours or so of waiting, I have given up and honestly told my cousin I wasn't able to get the tickets! :( *sigh* This just happened 9 months ago, almost 3 months before he left forever... I am soooo sad right now, my God... :1crying I am sorry guys, I was skimming on old threads and eventually bumped to this thread... I still have my itinerary (that I cancelled) for my flight in August.. :1crying I can still remember very clearly when I phoned the expedia agent to cancel my flight and one night hotel I booked to stay... I can't sleep, I am trying to reminisce what happened that day when I got my ticket... It's so hard to think he's not here anymore! It is still hard! :1crying Why can't I just forget it and be like the rest of the fans not having such DAMN emotions I am feeling up to now...??!?!! It still hurts and I HATE IT!

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