Aphrodite Jones Reports:Conrad Murray Acted with Disregard for MJ's Life

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Aphrodite Jones Reports:Conrad Murray Acted with Disregard for MJ's Life

Post by Dialdancer » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:55 pm

[align=center]Image[/align][align=center][/align][align=center]Aphrodite Jones Reports: No Doubt Conrad Murray Acted with a Conscious Disregard for MJ's Life[/align]

"The prosecution is finally about to rest it's case and I, for one, feel they put on a string of witnesses who have proven, beyond any doubt, that Conrad Murray acted with a conscious disregard for Michael Jackson's life. I realize many fans wanted Murray charged with 2nd Degree Murder, but hopefully people are now realizing how difficult it is to get a conviction in this instance -- that in truth, it's hard to get 12 people to agree on anything, no less homicide in a "delicate" circumstance such as this. Of course it is not a slam dunk that Murray will be found guilty -- those of us who have spent our lives in courtrooms know better than to predict how a jury will see things -- look at the Casey Anthony jury and how shocking their verdict was. Still, I believe this LA jury is taking the matter at hand most seriously and they were paying keen attention to the demonstration of the IV drip with the propofol in the courtroom, which is a good sign. These jurors seem to be impacted by the real and present danger Dr. Murray placed Mr. Jackson in -- plying the superstar with more drugs than anyone had ever fathomed. Of course, the defense will now try to paint Conrad Murray as a "God fearing man" who served a poor community in Texas and was, allegedly, a very caring doctor.

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But then, no one has said Conrad Murray is a bad man -- the charge is that he is a negligent and bad doctor. Was he a money grubbing physician who would do anything for the $150K a month salary from MJ? Clearly, the defense will argue that was not the case. What the defense will ask the jury to decide is whether MJ caused his own death ... What a charade we are all in store for, as a team of lawyers will attempt to blame MJ for being an addict who swallowed too many pills and/or injected himself with lethal doses of drugs. Let the mud slinging begin -- and MJ fans, brace yourselves -- be ready to stand up and fight!"

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Aphrodite Jones Reports:Conrad Murray Acted with Disregard for MJ's Life

Post by Jingles » Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:43 pm

I find it rather ironic that this woman used to be one of the biggest MJ haters ever; now she is one of his biggest supporters. I'm glad that she is on our side now.
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Aphrodite Jones Reports:Conrad Murray Acted with Disregard for MJ's Life

Post by shelly » Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:57 pm

She changed her side a long time ago.

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Aphrodite Jones Reports:Conrad Murray Acted with Disregard for MJ's Life

Post by LittleSusie50 » Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:49 pm

A blind man can see that Murray was negligent to say the least.
To blame Michael, a so-called addict, for his own death, would be futile.
Michael is dead, so suffice it to say, he paid the ULTIMATE price.
As Latoya said, he will NEVER get a chance to start over, to recover from addiction.
Murray is STILL alive, holding his CHILDREN, getting pedicures and such.
And to top it off, the most he MAY get is 4 years in jail, and his license
revoked. He may not do that much jail time. But he is still ALIVE.

Again, I do not feel it was done on purpose. That's my opinion.
But his behavior, the lies, the wait to call 911...that was just wrong.

For that, he should pay.

I hope that any other doctors who may be engaging in this kind of behavior
with prescription drugs and such will think twice and say NO!

That two letter word could have saved Michael's life.

Whatever the outcome, this is so sad. :pacify

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