MY LOVE STORY: Just Good Friends

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MY LOVE STORY: Just Good Friends

Post by CHOPSUEYPANDA » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:03 pm

This Is the First time posting a story of I hope you all like it 8)

Drea and Keith were the best of freinds, who had known each other for years, but their relationship with one another was becoming more than Friendly

Here is their story.

Chapter 1: The Plan

Keith and I were the best of freinds, Ive known him since high school,we would go out to eat together, go on vacations together but it never got sexual or anything strictly freinds...or so I thought.....This is were it all began.

This week it was his week to pick what we were going to do for the upcomming week, so I called him to see what was on the agenda."HEY BABE" keith sang from the other end of the phone. "HEY how are you?" Drea said "Good, and you?" "Good, hey what are we gonna do this week?" "HEY! HEY!, look at you trying to spoil the surprise!" "Hey you cant blaime me for being curious." she said. "Well I guess I cant but what I can tell you is that your gonna need a real nice dress to wear" "FOR WHAT!" Drea was slightly confused " I cant tell you, just be ready Monday at 6:30pm for the limo to come and get you okay?" "OK ok, ill see you then " "Ight... bye Drea" "Bye" as Drea hung up the phone she felt a wave of excitement and nervousness wash over her, but she brushed it off. " OH $#!+" she had just realized what keith said " A REAL NICE DRESS TO WEAR" What the hell was he planning to do this week?!.. she thought to herself as she grabbed her keys to rush out the door.. she had a dress to find!

To Be continued.........

( Plz Give me your feedback :biggrin


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