Mediocrity, thy name is Brian Oxman

Transcripts and Articles relating to what prosecution mouthpieces have said about this case in public.

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Mediocrity, thy name is Brian Oxman

Post by whisper » Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:24 pm

Dr. Conrad Murray could be temporarily off the hook in the federal wrongful death lawsuit involving Michael Jackson -- all because Joe Jackson left some key information out of the paperwork.

TMZ has learned a federal judge is taking Jackson and his attorney Brian Oxman to task for failing to specify where two of the defendants -- health clinics where Dr. Murray practiced -- conduct their business. Without that information the judge can't determine if the federal court has jurisdiction over the case.

The judge has given Jackson one week to amend the complaint or have the suit tossed.

Even if this case is dismissed, Dr. Murray might not be fully in the clear. Jackson has a lot of options -- including refiling the federal suit with Murray as the lone defendant.

Source: ... h-lawsuit/

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