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Ghost Files

Post by jrmspfingston » Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:36 pm

Authors note: Hey everyone my name is jrmspfingston and this is my first fan fiction ever on this site I have it on but no one seems to like them so I thought I would try it here. I was inspired to write this off of my favorite Anime Yuyuhakusho and in this story Michael Jackson is not the singer we know and love he's just a regular person and he only has one sibling which, is Janet. I hope you like it and please don't be afraid to be honest it well make me a better writer if you do. :biggrin


For 17 year old Amanda Wolf her day started out somewhat normal she got up and did her

chores, went to school, and went to her babysitting job for the Jackson’s and secretly

crushing on her sister’s boyfriend like always but then her life takes an unexpected turn

when 6 year old Janet Jackson and Amanda end up going to the Spring Festival Janet ends up

in the way of a speeding car thinking fast Amanda pushes her out of the way but ends up

paying the price she dies. There she meets Brittany only to discover that one she wasn’t

supposed to die yet and two if Janet did get hit she would have ended up with just a broken

But her good deed did not go unnoticed Atemu the ruler of Spirit World decides to

give Amanda another chance. Soon her life changes when she gets involved with the

supernatural? She finds herself with all kinds of new powers and gets involved with demons.

Eventually she makes some pretty unusual friends and enemies then trouble really strikes

when her secret crush and her twin sister’s boyfriend Michael Jackson is in the mix. Can

Amanda survive this whole new, sudden life style? Can Amanda keep her new friends and

family safe? And who well Michael end up choosing Diana or Amanda?
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