Jackson's white glove to be auctioned for $20,000 (06 27 15)

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Jackson's white glove to be auctioned for $20,000 (06 27 15)

Post by whisper » Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:58 am

A rare white sequined glove once owned by Michael Jackson could be yours to own. Auction house Nate D Sanders is selling the piece of memorabilia on 30 July, with bidding for the item beginning at $20,000.

While this is not exactly a steal, it is considerably cheaper than Jackson gloves which have been auctioned before. The one he wore while debuting the Moonwalk went for $350,000 in 2009, six months after Jackson’s death at age 50. Another auction in June 2010 saw a different glove sold for $160,000.

The right-handed glove was given by Jackson to his artist friend, Paul Bedard, whom the musician commissioned to create over a dozen paintings for Jackson’s home and Neverland ranch. Bedard sold the glove to a private collection in 2005. The artist’s paintings for Jackson featured historical figures – Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Albert Einstein and ET – sporting the glove.

During his reign as King of Pop, Jackson was as well known for his single white glove as he was for his signature Moonwalk dance move. When, in a 1997 interview, Barbara Walters asked Jackson to explain the fashion statement, he said : “Why one glove? Cooler than two.”

The winning bidder will also take home a photo of Bedard wearing the glove, images of the art he created for Jackson, and a typed declaration signed by Bedard that attests to the glove’s authenticity.

In addition to the glove, one of Jackson’s jackets is also up for grabs. The custom-made black jacket was produced as a prototype for the Bad music video and album cover. Bidding for the item begins at $10,000.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/j ... ve-auction

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