48 Hours

I watched it. It wasnt bad.
Some parts we've heard already like the Debbie interview and Uri Geller.
I really liked what Smokey had to say about MJ being made to look
as if he's guilty instead of here's a guy who has been accused.
He also said that he cannot imagine Michael doing the things
they are saying he did and that he doesnt think that we
are witnessing MJ's "fall".

Joe cracks me up, he kinda reminds me of my own Dad
and Mrs. J....what can I say....she looked so sad and listening
to her talk about her son brought tears to my eyes.

Randy T seemed a bit too negative to me. So what.

I really enjoyed the rare footage of MJ and the J-5
All in all I give the show a 6 out of 10. :thumbsup


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I watched it. Seems like it could have ended right after Joe and Kate's interview. Wtf did Geller and Rowe and all that jibber jabbin' about his $$ have to do with the case? I swear I hate irrelevancy!

The first segment was surprisingly "fair" to Michael--I'm glad they made mention of the mother's history and the fact that the timeline was jack shit. Mez was on there too. Always a good thing :)