Alexander Charles David Drogo \'s Sordid past


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ALEXANDER Charles David Drogo, 13th Duke of Manchester, etc (b.11 Dec 1962); m.Wendy Dawn Burford

Alexander Michael Charles, Viscount Mandeville (b.13 May 1993)
Ashley Faith Maxine Nell (b.1999)

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This man's family have a quite a sordid history. Charles' father (12th Duke of Manchester) was jailed on fraud charges:

June 1995 federal indictments were issued against the Duke of Manchester and four other men: two Americans (who pleaded guilty), a London lawyer (who disappeared), and another individual
who skipped the $100,000 bail and went to Russia.

The duke was extradited to the United States for trial in March 1996. During the proceedings, his lawyer portrayed him as a simple and uneducated man who fell victim to the flattery of any passing rogue. "They led him round like a prize bull at a country fair," said the lawyer. His defence was that he was gullible, vain and foolish, none of which made him actively dishonest.

The duke chose to remain silent in court, and the jury found him guilty on four out of five counts of fraud. In June 1996 he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail, beginning his time in solitary confinement in Petersburg, Virginia.