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Michael Jackson Alert: Parents Should Not Purchase Michael Jaskson Products

Americas Amber Alert National News Center( LOS OLIVOS, Calif. USA) TAA -- Alert Michael Jackson's Team continues to obuscate facts and information surrounding his actions with minor children. While there has been no conviction, it is noted by Team Amber research that Michael Jackson has taken no efforts to end this controversy by ending his practices he has admitted to that are earmarks of pedophilia. He even tries to normalize his actions in complex media campaign to rationalize the actions he has taken that are breaches with societal norms. His defense team is revictimizing the victims and trying to prevent their testimony. Untill Mr. Jackson can provide public and clear convincing evidence that he opposes pediphilia and sex with children then one can only wait to see the results of the trial to determine their opinions of Michael Jackson.

At this point until this matter is resolved in the courts responsible parents should stop purchasing the artists products or products from which he earns income. Team Amber believes there is substantial reason for public to stop supporting Mr. Jackson who refuse to offer openess in these matters. Michael Jackson owns many old song rights from which he makes millions. He is a flight risk and a risk to other children at this point in time.

If you know of products that Michael Jackson recieves revenue from please contact us to add to the alert list to add to the buyers do not buy guide. Simply looking on the music or the copyright is not enough to determine if Jackson benefits. Financial action was not encouraged before because there was lack of conviencing evidence. Today Team Amber has taken to advise parents to vote with their poket books. I will be getting other names to take action against that are and have been helping Jackson. This includes various orgainzations who have openly declared his Innocence without offering justification. Elizabeth Taylor and her product lines should be also tagetted for her role innitially in helping to cover up this activity of Mr. Jackson. The list will grow including any cd publishers that do not drop Jackson and songs he owns rights to. He needs to be censored from the Artist orgainizations from which provide him money every time a song he owns is played. Mr. Jackson understands money. It is time to send a message he will understand. It is time to push him to the side of our society with others who are predators though he is so sweet and nice in the never land reality. The Evidence will find its way to the public. Any evidence should be made public after the trial. Any and all aids to the court shoud remain a part of the case file and left unsealed for the public to know the truth.

Had prosecutors done a more professional job the first time we would not be here today with more victims.

This action we recommend comes only after great effort to wait and see. No in light of the past six months of research we are now at a crossroad to ask all to vote financially against Jackson and his allies in the music industry and elsewhere.

This is writtten HORRIBLEY. THis person is obviously biased beyond beleif. I say we email the fack out of them.