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This is kinda first draft.. but i've had it for weeks and i can't seem to do anything else with it so... lol here it is.

Please excuse grammar, spelling etc :)

Specific look in his eyes
Like a growl
Instant contact
Lips on lips,
Hips on hips.
Hands desperately clawing, grabbing, squeezing.
Biting gently while hands unable to stop moving..
Fluttering around his body, exploring the contours.

His hands looking at every part of me
Clothing dropping to the floor
as we fall,
still in each others arms.
Writhing under each others weight
as we toss and turn
play fight.

Caught by your smile
as you stop.
Holding me down,
bringing your lips to my forehead
i close my eyes
lowering yourself next to me
you hold me tight
whispering of your love
for me.


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mmm this is great :), I can feel the intensity and pure abandonment... consumed by the moment. Well, this poem consumes me.

You are getting better and better, and I can feel it...

so keep going, ok!



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aww thank you!! It's a little too similar to "kissing me to sleep" IMO.. but i needed to write it all out.


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This seems to have anger and intensity I haven't seen before though. Are you being more true to your feelings... more raw, in your art recently? :)


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I've been trying to make my poetry more intense so that people feel they can see or feel what my words say..

As far as anger goes.. I was angry when I was writing this. There were two possible outcomes in my mind and this one won. I couldn't put the other into words, but it was quite angry and bitter LOL