Anybody lives in LA??


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Wassup all??

Sooooo, I'm gonna go live in LA, around the Hollywood area. The thing is that I don't know anybody, it's my first time living in the US and I'm gonna be all alone :( Well, at least at the beginning, 'cause I'm gonna study there and I assume I'll make some friends at school, right? RIGHT? :unsure: Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here lives in LA, it would be nice to meet some time, get to know the Jackson community, you know? :D

Alright, so I hope lots and lots of people answer this post (LA is a pretty big place...) and I hope you're up to meeting someone new :8-26-03respect:

Hugz & kisses

Ana E.


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I sooo wish I did, but unfortunately LA is pretty far from Norway. :( I hope though someone else replies and wants to meet you, Ana. :) Good luck with the studies, I bet it'll be loads of fun and indeed a great experience. :thumbsup


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Well I live is LA, which is short for Louisiana. :icrackingup

I wish I did live in L.A. It'd be fun to have that kind of experience. I wouldn't live there permanently, but I'd reside there for a little time.:D


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doesitmatter;194972 said:
Aww, I'm not living in L.A either, but I'm kinda close to ya. I'm in NV.

If you're ever in LA, lemme know, we'll meet if you want. :D

ok, I guess the people who do live in LA have no interest whatsoever to meet me :cryptic
C'mon people, I promise I'll bite!! Are ya'll gonna let me be aaaalll alone in such a big city???

Violet Flower

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I'm not to far from L.A....15hrs away, but hey not bad!lol I live in Oregon, it's a beautiful state, I've been living here for a year and it's been dull it's too quiet where I'm at, I'm not useto this! lol I'm from Texas!!!:lol I can't complain though it's different, nicer and I'm doing alot better than I have before.:)