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I wonder if I’d disappear
Would people shout? Would people cheer?
I feel like a spare, I’m in reserve.

Forever second place
But always wearing my brave face.
Everything is fine.

Constantly striving to do my best
Almost in some kind of contest.
Is it not obvious?

Do people love people cus they’re good?
Or maybe purely because they’re bad?
Do we love out of convenience
Or experience from what we’ve had?

I want to love out of love.
Not through convenience
I want to expect the same in return
I need assurance.


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aw great poem Acy :love
I know for certain, that if you disappeared here ... we'd be shouting out, wondering where you've gone ... you're wonderful!
- Jodi


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thanks you guys :)

It's not great.. but I needed to produce something to get me in the mood for writing again!