BET Nightly News: Accusing mother asked kids to call Bryant \"daddy\" too? 2-15-05


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Damn whisper, how do you catch ALL the news show? you got like 12 tvs in ur house, one in ur pocket, and one attached to ur keychain?? :lol:

anyways, this makes Kobes testimony all the more interseting :popcorn


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Ok, who just saw BET Nightly News? They said that sources confirmed that the mother wanted her children to call Kobe Bryant "daddy" too. ANd that there was a falling out btwn Bryant and this mother around that time. :lol:

I didn't catch it from the very beginning, that's why I need more info. I'm also in the process of getting the vid. :p


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It's short b/c I didn't catch it from the beginning, but I caught that part about Bryant. :lol:


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Originally posted by dangerous

kobe back in court!!!
I know Kobe's got to be thinking "damn. I just got out of court, can a brotha just play basketball?"

and LOL@ him and the mother having a falling out. I wish more people in the media pick up on this instead of asking why he's on the list. If people would do their research they'd know!
Thanks for posting Whisper ;)

This is a great new discovery!!

I like, Carla wish the media would start to question why these potential witness's have pronounced their cooperation and what information they have, which can be damaging to the prosecutors. Instead of focusing on the status of their celebrity



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What the **** is wrong with this lady? Is she on crack? I swear, her children need to be removed from her custody cause they're all gonna end up ****ed up in the head like her!

minnie michael

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oh yeah, right now with the truth coming out more and more begin to believe that crazy mama is just a money-grabber.. yeah.. :sneddoncrybaby