Cries Escape


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Cries escape

This morning I awoke vibrant, sins of the world no longer a plague
As my life drew on weary through battles I fought endlessly
Shining through the emancipation of grief, desperation, and inner failure
I felt as though the harmful were obliviated, The anger, pain annihilated profusely.
I lie here as the sun smile spilling its warmth onto this earth.
Nothing could damage my newly begotten spirit, I became unbreakable.
Though through this the pain that remained became unbearable.

This Day, You betrayed, bitterly forced obscenities from your lips, twisted in vile anger
You words ripping my flesh, boiling the buried pain rising to once again consume without warning
Attempting to respond passiveness struck, my words wouldn't heed your weaponry of words.
You've remained reluctant to let words etch themselves within the crevice of your mind
Now you've damaged, broken, tormented my soul, disgusted my flesh.

This day, I step through the thresholds of darkness
Masked unseen, eyes accusingly watching.
This familiar darkened void wasting away, within my body, wasting away within my mind.
Tears stream along my cheeks, their words burning holding each word hidden within me.
Look what you've accomplished, hurling me within a darkened void, I cannot escape.
My hands clasped, my body quavers, overwhelmed words expelled, “God, help me.”

This day, my body submerged in cold waves, dampening my flesh, my emotions intense, relaxed.
The pain along my wrist vibrant, tainted rain flowing heavily, instantly half the pain remains
Candles flickering, dancing along porcelain tiles, teasingly reminding me, a mockery.
Watery grips up to my mid chest, red wine now filtering its clarity its innocence
Slipping... flashes of happiness, torment, pain, reluctance, persuasion, furthermore
I'm slipping now, your words this pain will be no more.
You'll regret the words of expelled from your lips, how you battered my soul, battered my spirits
Now I lie here helpless gone, my soul no more than a lifeless shell.
Through my last journey darkness awaits, I shall hold no fear. You crack the door slightly, Cries escape.

(Poem written:04/08)